Denied - Uruchimaru - Banned for wasting assets

Im Uruchimaru and i did blow up a tank at Aofl rewards so that we can swap it for a new one and make that one respawn for another use on nak 1 server i didnt know that you guys delete it and make it respawn and i got banned for seven days

We talked yesterday, about your ban. You ban was 7 days because of your past history. Most players would have received a 1 day ban.

One blowing up a vehicle at rewards will not make it respawn. You get a reward vehicle, randomly selected, based on completing side missions. One that vehicle is gone, it will not respawn.

But that is beside the point, blowing up any vehicle on the server is against the rules. If there is a situation where a player believes that the vehicle is unrecoverable, i.e. sometimes upside down vehicles can not be lifted to fix them, them the player needs to bring that to the Admins attention and the admin will decide what the proper solution is.

Your ban will stand. And more it is very concerning that you still feel that your ban is unjust after talking to you on TeamSpeak.