Denied - Universe's Admin Application :)

Be 18 years of age or older:
Currently 20 years old.

Steam Profile Link:

Played on the server for at least 50 hours:
63+ Hours

Must use teamspeak:
I’m always in teamspeak, as I’m mainly a pilot.

Have a recommendation from one of the current admins:

Be a cool person:
I’m the coolest of the cool people. :smiley: :smiley:

Leave a little description of yourself, and why you want to be an admin:
I’m interested in becoming an admin because I really enjoy all the NAK servers, and would like others to have a good experience as well. I’m reliable and coolheaded, which are traits that make a good admin, in my opinion.

Also, my name in game is Universe, not RGSNationx. I’m not aware of any ways to change my name.

Universe/NationXX MLG ez KILLA is a great guy/lady, very fun to hang out and play games with +1.

11/02/2016 3:35 PM - Intentional TK/Destroying assets-7 days-nw
what happen ?

11/01/2016 6:45 PM to

I’ve known this person for a long time, as of this, checking his past history just didn’t occur to me at the time,
I feel like a fool for this. It will never happen again.


Unfortunately do to your past ban on NAK servers we will have to deny this admin application. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via PM.