Denied - Smoogers/JR Ban Appeal 22/06/2018 "toxic,racist,negative"


Lorenzo (technically not seeing as though he “didnt have the time of day for this”) and Rollacanda 5:15 approximately

i was banned for being “racist” because one man in the team-speak had a podcasteresque voice and i said “keep talking, like one of the Japanese adverts”. because i brought a singular country into this, it has been deemed racist for reasons i do not know. there’s no derogatory term being used, there’s no implication being used other than what the admins assumed in their mind. also keep in mind, i asked 2 questions about how we’re not allowed to record in the team-speak channels, how the FACC regulations work and asked that if it was a rule, why is it not clearly seen in the team-speak rules or server rules. all of this built up labelled me as quote unquote by lorenzo “argumentation” and by both lorenzo and rollacanda “toxic to this community an trying to pit people against the server”.

The reason my ban should be lifted is well the fact that i have not been racist in any sort of manner. No racial slurs or derogatory names have been called, nothing to indicate i was blatantly racist other than the fact i added in the country “Japan” into my sentance instantly turns it racist. But because they didn’t want to deal with someone genuinely inquiring about their rules and asked for a reason for the ban, they did not want to do anything with me.

JR, with regards to the above, this was a result of a series of events which, when evaluated and taken into consideration the decision to ban was made.

Firstly, you were heard making lewd comments prior to the incident, for example “If I were to bend over and lick my ass would I be considered a tire”, secondly when a pilot had crashed his plane and the question was ask how did he do that your response was " because he was a faggot". At this point you have been banned for using that remark, but the admins let it slide as we do with most things and just give a warning of which I did. You then indicated that you were intoxicated at that time and it was the best way to play. Overall you were were being a nuisance on the pilots channel engaging in topics not relating to game play (generally) and promoting and encouraging negative behavior from the other players on the channel.

Now to the topic of the recording and legal issues related to Teamspeak, which we took you along with others into another channel to explain which, is spending the appropriate time to explain to you, that it, was a rule and that there were bigger legal US issues to deal with of which, quite frankly was not needed as Rollacanda pointed to you that it was a Nak rule and that was final. You continued to argue the facts of why recording was not allowed and at that point due to time already spent explaining the mechanics of this, we considered the topic closed and proceeded to move you back to the pilots channel. You then continued to discuss this topic in the pilots channel and the Admin that was there asked you to stop of which, you did not and was causing a block up of the comms on the channel to be taken up with non-game play content.

Finally for you to say that we did not give you time required is unfounded and you being under the influence (by your own admission) was causing very undesirable behavior on the channel, you were removed and banned from the channel as we considered that your behavior and disregard for the numerous requests for you to stop and just play went unheeded.

I could not agree more with this ^.

Im not taking sides Im not saying right or wrong. But Im giving a perfect example why NAK has the rule on recording. This literaly just hit the news this week.

Recording anyone’s voice with an electronic device is considered wiretapping, wiretap law doesnt apply to just phones. it applies (typically as some states have exceptions also) recording anyone’s voice with electronic means. And the problem with this is…

There is a few of states that require FULL party consent that means you need permission from every single person. since you cant determine who lives where its easier to blanket protect server and the people who use the servers by not allowing it at all.

i agree completely

Bottom line, the ban will not be removed at this time, you may appeal the ban again in 6 months.

That’s why my name in Teamspeak has “(See office for disclaimer)”. “According to the Wiretap Act of 1968 (18 U.S.C. § 2511.), it’s illegal to secretly record any oral, telephonic, or electronic communication that is reasonably expected to be private.