Denied - Shadowmaxxl's Admin application

Steam ID or Profile Link: Steam Community :: 85 hours a day
Age: i am currently 19 years old
Hours played on NAK servers: 140 hours
Total Arma 3 hours: 1743 hours
Recommendation from existing Admin(if given):
Reason for applying: to become a admin to work with the head admin about the mods and different things to make the server more fun!
List any real world experience or skills that you feel would contribute to the NAK community: i am a waiter, i work at the sterling cratering hall, located at hicksville rd, hempstead, new york, i am a gamer i play almost 18 hours a day :shock: depending on work days, i am skateboarder i love to skate, i live currently in new york and my country is the united states of america.
Estimated Activity: almost everyday and up to 5 hours or more :sunglasses:
Briefly list what you believe is involved in being an Admin on NAK servers: I believe being a admin should monitor the players and their experience of the servers and create of way to meet the players standard of how they would like the server to be, and what mods would benefit the server and the game. :smiley:

sorry to say but -100 for what has happened today sorry to say but for what you have been banned for is not very good if you put in an admin app. You actually have 130 hours on NAK. This goes to anyone who is applying for admin or moderator. If your going to do an admin app and do something on our NAK servers that can be picked up only by admins not a good idea especially if the bans from the owner.

Upon joining the server I was under the impression that the player in question was a troll. It was on the Malden #2 and i believed at that time the player was friends with some other trolls that I had just dealt with. This attitude has not changed in the time the player has been on the server. The player in question has sent weird and sometimes “trolly” messages to admins. A recent one poking me “Wheres my sandwich”. When i asked the player about why they did this, i received the response: “To see how you’d react”. This player is not ready to be an admin. At the time of typing this the player has a standing permaban from the server.


Oh not to mention that the weird pokes you have sent to multiple admins.


he sent me this in TS
<16:11:00> “Shadowmaxxl”: <22:19:43> You poked “VileAce” with message: hey daddy can you make me a asistant please i promise i be faithful to you!
<22:204> “VileAce” pokes you: it does not work that way
<22:20:12> You poked “VileAce” with message: and please dont ban me

asked me the same thing

he trolled me in TS and when he left, the other players were grateful
he is more of a nuisance in TS than an asset in game

after further research, I’m sure he is trolling and should not be unbanned

my question is we are focusing on my in game ban Or the team speak?

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