Denied - Ryan-perm banned

2.Steam Community :: James
3. <20:45:49> You are banned permanently. Reason: “Racism”
You wear kicked off game. [battleye: admin kick {[rule broken]} banned for perm-expires perm vileace
4. Vileace 9:09 Pacific time
5. ive been playing on this server for about a week and really liking it and wanted to get more involved intel i was banned for saying the N-word once i didnt scream it or anything i just came out and i really didnt mean to i came back into the ts before i got banned and said sorry to the people in the chat they all said it was ok and then i went back to talking to them all of a sudden i get a perm ban off the ts with no talk or anything i understand i said the N-word i really didnt mean to ive been playing on this server for about a week and havnt even been talk to a admin intell now and i am really sorry i love this server ive been playing it non stop and really enjoying it. i would be so thankfull to be unbanned and i promised it will never happen again.

Also on a side note im really sorry and i really love and enjoy playing on this server and i really dont want to go find a new one to play on

also i understand and have read the rules and know that you guys dont tolerate racism but im begging you to make an exception i had no intention on saying it, it just came out and i apologized afterwards

We do not tolerate racism. It is our number one rule:
RULE #1) NO Racism.
1st Offense: Permanent ban.
Any racism will met with an immediate permanent ban.

If we made an exception for you what would it say about NAK. I appreciate that you are sorry that it was said, and that you apologized to the players in TeamSpeak, but at this point the ban will remain.

You are able to appeal the ban again in 6 months.

A slip on a racist term is an identifier of a deeply seeded character issue. To think in this day and age that using that terminology is acceptable is a sign of ignorance. When you say it just came out and you didn’t mean to say it, that further perpetuates the belief that this is your true self, and something that expressed at almost the subconscious level. I would find it hard at this point to believe that you will never use that terminology again, especially without some self restraint and a determined conscious effort to think before you speak at all times, whether in a moment of calmness or in a moment of exhilarated rage.

I second VileAce’s opinion and I hope that over the next 6 months if you do decide to submit another appeal that you practice every day and every moment while speaking, not being that person who accepts racist commentary as acceptable.