Denied - Resubmit - Ban Appeals

I have been playing on Nak squad malden for a few days now and have made friends. Today i hop into malden pilots on ts and acted like i was recording a video to play around a little bit. This admin that i have never seen in the ts asked me to stop so i kept going for a sec to complete my joke. After the joke was done he kicked me so i joined back and asked whats the point in kicking me then i asked him if it was a warning he said yes. So then i proceeded to tell him i was sorry and would never joke around him anymore. Then i got banned perminetly. This is the second time i have witnessed admin abuse on this server. I was in the wrong to an extent but he took it way too far.

Sorry that is not what happened. There was another admin in the channel at the time. If you want to use the correct format for the ban appeal and be honest about what happen, then we can talk. Hint you said you would just make sure not to do it again with an admin around. Which to me means that you fell it is okay to break our server rules if you are not caught.

I am denying this appeal resubmit the appeal in the correct format

I never broke any rules i only acted like i was recording. Its ok to joke in life sometimes you dont always have to be so serious.

How about this i wont joke anymore on the server ill just keep to myself and my few frinds.

Please refer to the original answer.