Denied (Perm w/option) - Rchunk RE: Ban

  1. COL.Rchunk[NAK ELITE]
    2.Steam Community :: Nick
  2. Hacking
  3. VileAce
  4. It was a mere joke, I was just trying to sound cool within the community. Im not looking for an immediate unban but looking for a temp ban as I wasted the admins time. I can show proof that I was never hacking.

How can I believe anything you say one way or another now. You wasted over 4 man hours on what you are calling a joke. This is time Admins could have been working on improvements for the community. With this in mind and with your previous bans on NAK, the ban is going to stay, as is, right now.

Ok ill gladly wait as the nak staff reviews the case I thank you for taking time to read my appeal.

I have reviewed your appeal, the ban is going to stand as is. Appeal denied.

Ok, then I would like to thank you for the 3 years on nak that I had. I respect your decision and honestly I brought it upon myself. Thanks, Best Regards, Nick

Because you handled this in a mature manner, I will consider another ban appeal on or after November 30th 2018.

Considering an appeal again does not guarantee that the ban will be lifted, but if you can provide justification for your actions and some assurance that we can trust you, after lying to admins and wasting hours of multiple admins time, the appeal will be considered.