Denied (Perm w/option) - Adam Rippon, Ban Appeal

Name (In-game): Adam Rippon

Profile: Steam Community :: Error

Ban Message:

Ban Info: VileAce (I think), Altis Invade & Annex, 3 Day(s)

Explanation/Justification: I was told (in TeamSpeak) that part of it was because of a religious comment made, which nothing said was in a religious context nor meant to be taken that away.

The things discussed in question, which I do agree broke Rule #14, upon reading its definition- Though according to the Offense<Punishment ratio (or whatever you’d prefer to call it) it states: “First Offense: Kick, Second Offense: 1 day ban, Third Offense: 7 day ban, Fourth Offense: Permanent ban” (as seen publicly on I was never kicked for this (as it was my first offense on this server, ever), nor was it a 1 Day ban (being a second offense punishment).

I was never warned in-regards to it, nor was it treated as a first, second, third, etc.-offense punishment. Everything that was said warranting the punishment was said in good humor and not to be taken literally, as those who I was speaking to/with agreed on.

I was told someone found it offensive and reported it to an admin, which is their right, but regardless they had never said anything to me, asking me to stop, or did the admin say anything to me during this. Again, those who were in the discussion directly, (some of which stated things similar, or made remarks equally as justifiable as mine) agreed with me that the conversation did not offend them, nor was it to be taken seriously.

I ask that the ban be appealed for the improper punishments given, justified by the action being of the first offense.
In addition, the reported comments that had broken Rule #14 were not meant to be taken seriously, (as did everyone in direct conversation at the time was aware of). Nor was I (the accused) warned, or asked to stop in regards to it.

Regardless of whether the ban is overturned or not, I can assure you that the actions invoking the ban in the first place, will NOT happen again, and that I am very sorry to whom may have been offended by any said statements- joke, or not.

As Adam stated, a kick should have been the adequate measure of consequence slated to him, but a ban was issued instead. I was the end-party in the conversation that was taking place and I do not have any reason to believe that anyone could have been offended. I agree that words were used, but the appellee did not target anyone implicitly or explicitly.

The context of the conversation should not have been misinterpreted as a threat to anyone’s sexual orientation as only 2 words were used without an underlying message. Needless to say, there are obviously other interpretations that the words used may have. To be specific, both words used have various definitions that the appellee could have been referring to without clear specification and out of pure randomness.

Seeing that no warning was provided to the user by any of the admins or offended parties, I hope that this ban can be reversed as promptly as possible. Best regards.

When anyone uses the rules as an argument they often miss some very key points.In your case namely "The level of punishment is at the discretion of the Admin, and will be based on the severity of the action. If you break multiple rules your punishment may run consecutively. "

Each time that you typed something that broke the server rule it was an offense. Your chat included at least 5 items that violated server rules, so following the rules to the letter you should be banned permanently. BTW you were warned (Private) To Adam Rippon @Adam Rippon please watch the language. (sent by a trigger). That was sent 1 minute before you were banned.

It does not matter that it was “said in good humor” it was said in Side chat, so your statement that “those who I was speaking to/with agreed on” is not true, everyone on the server was force to see it. Bottom line it is against server rules, whether you think it should be allowed or not.

We display the server rules when you connect to the server, we display the rules on billboards at the spawns and we publish links to our website with additional detail.

As a side note you have also been reported for recruiting. I am getting details on that, and the outcome will be posted.

First the ban for the rule #14 violation will stand as is.

On the issue of recruiting, it has been confirmed and you admitted that you were using NAK resources to recruit players to your own group, which is a violation or server rules.

I believe that you were not recruiting with malicious intent, but based on your previous bans, and the content of your chat history your ban for recruiting will be permanent.

You can appeal the recruiting ban in 90 days. If you do appeal the recruiting ban, keep in mind that legs did not help your cause and using NAK resources (games servers and teamspeak server) and listing them as your own in your group is not considered honest behavior.