Denied - ParadoxuM - 3-day Ban Appeal

  1. Exact in game name. - ParadoxuM
  2. Player Steam profile copy here Steam Community :: Error
  3. Screenshot, or word by word ban message given upon entering. Music
  4. Name of admin, and approximate time of ban and the server you were banned from. Vile and around 10pm
  5. Explanation, notes, etc. - Playing soundboard music over the microphone. I was banned for 3 days I apologies for this, I just had no one else tell me to shutup in the chat and have since read the rules to understand what I cannot do.

Appeal Denied.

We received multiple complaints from players about you in game, and in TeamSpeak related to your behavior in TS.Two players used the TeamSpeak “Make a complaint” feature to report your actions. It is mandatory for pilots to be in that channel and your behavior was making it unbearable for players to be there. TS rules state RULE #12) No Inflammatory Topics. and RULE #13) No broadcasting of music in channel. Conversation in the pilots channel should remain game related. We have other channels if you wish to talk about other issues. The conversation was to the point that it did become griefing/harassment, forcing players to complain numerous times.

You complaints on the home page chat were not valid if you would read the rules it states: NOTE:The level of punishment is at the discretion of the Admin, and will be based on the severity of the action. If you break multiple rules your punishment may run consecutively. This page does not cover all the rules; only the basic ones. If an Admin finds an unfitting behavior he will moderate it accordingly.

Because you were breaking multiple rules to the extent that 3 players complained about you in game and in TeamSpeak, you bypassed the first levels of punishment. A 3 day ban is more than appropriate. The rules also state: Punishment enforced on the TS server may carry over to all NAK servers. You actions and behavior were so out of line an in game ban was enforce as well.

Please do not spam the chat on home page. The chat on the home page specifically says Ban Appeals and Server Feedback should be posted in the forums.

Could you please tell me what was complained about in game? Seeing as I was there no longer than 15 minutes and stayed on TS after that seems far fetched. I was a UAV operator, spoke no words in game other than to tell mortar man that I have marked a target for him.

Also Inflammatory topics? I was only banned for music. Are you sure you didn’t just copy and paste from the other fellas ban appeal.

EDIT: In fact, don’t tell me. This is a piss poor community with a trigger happy admin. There were no complaints made in game otherwise one of the admins that was playing at the time would have picked it up. I would understand the complaints made on teamspeak but I think you’re just trying to justify your ridiculous global ban on me for playing Shakira hips don’t lie.

The player complains were in game about your actions in TS. No other Admin was in game, but another admin was watching the chat. and made mention of the complaints. When I entered TS you were clearly broadcasting music in violation of server rules, which is when you were banned from TS. After talking to the player in TS that filed the complaints, I added the ban to in game as well.

Even though the reason is similar the two bans are separate, You actually received the TS complaint actions and the players indicated that you were the primary cause of the disturbance, hence the TS and in game ban. The other ban you mention only received a ban in TS for his inappropriate comments.

This is was game chat. Along with two complaints about you specifically in the TS complaint system (those are anonymous).
02/18/2018 5:00 PM (Side) Yo-Yo admin go on TS
02/18/2018 5:01 PM (Side)Yo-Yo For you to listen to them…
02/18/2018 5:06 PM (Side) Prime One admin ts is really needs admin
02/18/2018 5:07 PM (Global) Yo-Yo Admin please
02/18/2018 5:07 PM (Global) Yo-Yo PLEASE GOLDEN GO ON TS!!

But as you feel so strongly about the community, there is no reason for you to return.

That wasn’t me I was offline between 5 P.M and 7 P.M

The zones listed are my time zones.The ban for the user in question was Yesterday at 5:14 PM - February 18, 2018 5:14 PM. There is no mistake. WarThunder I do not know who you are and what your relation to the ban is.

Okay, let’s assume someone did complain in game, what is the reason for an in-game ban? I didn’t do any griefing and my music was isolated to teamspeak. It hardly seems like a serious reason to global ban me ._.

It is serious enough for a global ban when people go to the extent they did to complain about it. It is against the server rules and illegal. You were actually breaking 3 seperate server rules.


Ban has expired.