Denied - NotGurk ban appeal

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  4. VileAce, I was banned more than a year ago for calling VileAce a Je* in TeamSpeak and calling people the Hard R on the server.
  5. I just wanna say this is probably the best casual piloting server on Arma, and I really want to play on it again. VileAce, I apologize profoundly for my language and terminology directed towards other players and administrators. It is quite inexcusable. I know you said you will never lift my ban as long as you are admin on this server but I hope you have had a change of heart considering how long has passed and my efforts to be unbanned show how much I like the server and how I wouldn’t want to be banned again. I not only disrespected Jewish people, but also African Americans and I cannot be more sorry for being racist. I’ve been banned and kicked for other stuff as well and already been given a final chance, but I screwed it up. In the end It’s just a game, and one that I love so dearly, I don’t believe I should be banned forever for my infractions. It was language and team-killing, I didn’t doss the server or hack the game. Nearly all of my time spent on the server was being a nice pilot transporting other people, it was only a fraction of the amount of time I spent that I was toxic. Again I can’t be excused for that but I hope I can finally be forgiven. I assure you my past does not reflect upon my future. I’ve said that before and my word probably means jack for you but I’ll say it anyway. Thank you for reading VileAce.

You had been given multiple opportunities on NAK Servers. You had been previously banned permanently and were given a “Last Chance” and you violated the server rules again. Your comments went beyond racism to moral depravity. If I lifted your ban it would be like NAK Squad and myself was condoning such actions, which I would never do.

So in your case I stand by my statement 100%, as long as I am an Admin here at NAK, I will do everything in my power to keep you from returning to our servers.