Denied - NotGurk - Ban Appeal

  1. NotGurk
  2. Steam Community :: Gurk
  3. Screenshot - 95dc12fcc41dec3a7f24ed859e880a19 - Gyazo
  4. VileAce, was banned about 4 months ago for calling people Je** and Ni***** on NAK Altis 1
  5. I miss piloting on the server. I apologize for being toxic and promise not to use such terminology again.

I appreciate NotGurk taking the proper steps to inquire on lifting a ban. I have reviewed the statements that took place. The statements that were made were not only racist, they were vulgar and directed at an admin. Unfortunately, racism and anti-Semitic sentiments rooted in a person at this level are not going to just go away They will be masked at best and tend to resurface when an emotional or stressful situation arises.

Although I do not have the ultimate say in this ban, I cannot vote in favor of a reversal.

Reading your ban and kick history on our admin tool. You actually have multiple bans and kicks from a lot of different admins. What this shows is that you where given multiple warnings and was let off and yet you still can’t control yourself on our servers.

At this point we will not be lifting this ban. This is your second permanent ban. The first one you appealed and Sarah was kind enough to give you one more chance. The ban was lifted and you were told, at that time, that it was your last chance. At NAK we take racism and anti-Semitic comments serious and when you direct them at an individual to be abusive or hurtful you have crossed a line that can not be undone. As long as I am an admin here, I am going to advocate that the ban not be lifted.