Denied - Nitty - Perm Ban Appeal - Not on TS

  1. Exact in game name: Nitty
  2. Player Steam profile copy here: Steam Community :: Urban Jesus
  3. Screenshot, or word by word ban message given upon entering: Rule 4 , griefing
  4. Name of admin: VileAce, 19:00 18/02/2018
  5. Explanation: I’ve always played on all 3 of the NAK servers in all roles and have always followed the rules and never had issues. Today I was in UAV role and was in the process of connecting to TS. I was kicked and reconnected by this time I was already in the TS server and back in the UAV, but was kicked again. I spoken to VileAce on TS and he said I was banned for an hour and I replied “that was stupid” at which he increased the ban to a day and i asked “why? that’s more stupid” and he eventually increased it to a permanent ban. I did say “Thank you” at the end trying to make a joke out of the situation i didn’t think that he was actually being serious, I did not get a response and was banned from the TS server. I felt like the action taken were exaggerated and it was not necessary for perm ban. I apologise for not being in the UAV slot when I connected and that VileAce did not find my response funny.

At no point were you in the pilots channel for the Malden server, when you were kicked… As I mentioned when we spoke, you should be in Teamspeak before taking the pilots role to avoid any issues. I tried to stop you from taking off with the Grey Hawk after the first kick, because you still were not in TS and you ran me over.

Second you indicate that you always follow the rules and have had no issues, and yet you had 3 bans on file prior to today. One is quite old, so I let that one go, but the other 2 were within the last 6 months, one of which was for not being in TS as a pilot.

Lastly that is not the language that you used, when discussing the issue. You were in the pilots channel at that point with me and three other players, you specifically used the “f-word” in each sentence, and the permanent ban was when the “f-word” was directed at me. As I was preparing the ban one of the players said “Tell an admin to go fuck himself, that will make him reverse a ban.”

Your appeal is denied, you can appeal again in 6 months time.