Denied - Navy - Ban Appeal (76561198056637180)

  1. navy
  2. Player Steam profile copy here Steam Community :: Dinosaurifyful
  3. banned for rule #4: 3 days (aka: harassment and griefing)
  4. admin: vileAce
  5. so I was banned for 2 things(1:shooting a guy who killed me on purpose & 2: telling a guy to get his fuing vest on)
    1:I had a chat with an admin about the TK but I don’t think this admin had told the others about our talk.
    2:I have grown up with cussing so its normal for me and I spoke to some admins how you don’t want cussing on your server because some kids play it and aren’t allowed to here that stuff but I think of this game as war and me saying get a fu
    ing vest is just me telling him to get a vest on I didn’t think he would take it as an attack on him.

(I really don’t think 3 day bans should be given for this maybe a 12 hour suspension)

I’m sorry you still do not get it. You do not get to make the rules on our server. After speaking to an admin about TK’ing, after being kicked for not being in TS as a pilot and after receiving a warning from an admin, “@NAVY You are costing valuable administrative man hours with us having to babysit you. Consider this your final warning from me. Stop wasting our time*”, you continued to break server rules. A 3 day ban is appropriate.

PS the language issue is not really about kids playing on the server. It is an issue of maturity, and it helps us filter out the type of players that are not suited for our server. Players curse all the time on the server, but we will kick or ban when you direct the curse at another player. We would like to have an environment where everyone feels comfortable and being cursed at by someone does not promote that environment.

kicked for teamspeak has nothing to do with babysitting i was in a discord with a friend during that period of time waiting for him to switch to teamspeak with me so he doesn’t hear our discord and teamspeak i’m sorry you think you have to babysit me but you don’t! I understand you don’t want people leaving the server cause they got cussed at but that has nothing to do with you AGAIN a 12 hour suspension would be suitable for your valuable 10 MINUTES that i took from your time just because my maturity levels are higher than others doesnt mean you need to “babysit” me

babysit def: look after a child or children while the parents are out. (my parents are home and i’m not a child)

  1. We have rules. They are clearly established. You have played on our servers for more than 16 hours. There should be little question as to what is expected from players on the server…
  2. You don’t get to dictate and make demands on what you feel is an appropriate punishment. Asking for reconsideration on a ban is a more appropriate way to move toward change than specifying what you think is acceptable punishment.
  3. I think you understand the context of why the word “babysit” was used.