Denied - Nakedpig Admin app

In order to be an admin, you must:
-Be 18 years of age or older- 42 years old
-steam profile link : Steam Community :: BaRoNVonNakedPig
-Played on the server for at least 50 hours- I have many more than that
-Must use teamspeak- I am always on TS3 user name BaronVonNakedPig
-Have a recommendation from one of the current admins- Someone can, I am sure. I am awesome.
-Be a cool person- See above. I have no issues.
-Leave a little description of yourself, and why you want to be an admin.- I am gamer with many other admin duties in the past on Call Of Duty servers and LineageII servers. I am no longer admin on those. I am a fair person who has a cool head and have played here for a long time and understand the dynamics of the current operations and admin. I work off and on so I am available during different times day and night. I am married and kids have grown and gone. So I have a lot of free time and gaming is my relief from the real world where I suffer from PTSD and I am an introvert who would rather be gaming then out with the real world issues. I have not donated here before due to getting to know the place and the people. If I become an admin, I would be willing to give a constant donation for upkeep. I just do not want the admin title just because of paying for it either. I want to earn it. Thank you. My real name is Bill by the way.

-1 Reviewing the logs, shows that NakedPig is prone to cursing at other players and has be reported for destroying assets at base. The last report of him TK and shoooting at base is less that a week old. I did talk to NakedPig about both issues and I might give him pass on the TK and shooting at base, but his explanation for cursing at other players is not acceptable to me. For these reason I can not support his application.


bad conduct

-1 fully support Vile in this. I have been trying to get some hours up with you but your never on?

Thanks guys. No problem here with that assessment, like I said before, having friends over drinking and I go to bed after showing them stuff to play on XBOX 1 and my PC, they do what they do. As far as cussing up a storm, I do that. I have a potty mouth…lol. Whether I am given the admin or no, I still love playing here and will continue to help new users to our fun game. As I have done quite often. No one will be getting my account any longer though here at the house. So that is at least something.

I liked your attitude, try again in the near future.


Thank you for the reply Nakedpig, please do consider reapplying in the future. Everyone can change.