Denied - Mr. Lahey Ban appeal

  1. Mr. Lahey
  2. Steam Community :: LadySlipper
  3. Rule #1 Racism
  4. CopOut, 1:00 PM EST
  5. Lately I have frequently enjoyed the NAK servers amongst the others available for online co-op. Recently, I had made a remark that I can’t take back, but I would like to reflect on it to show you guys that is not who I really am as a person. I was playing on the server(Altis) and I was working towards the objective until I was teamkilled by another player by the name of “francis”. I have alot of fun playing this game so I can get emotional when it comes to interacting with other players. once I was shot and killed by him I typed into the side chat “Francis!” "NIGGA" to express my frustration with him. Although that remark is purely on me to say such a thing, I had no abusive intent when I said it to him and I just want to reflect on the consequences of my actions. I know you guys sound very strict on this topic but I hope I can have another chance to play amongst you and show you thats not who I am*****

****This is a copy of my first appeal about 6 months ago. I thoroughly reflect upon and regret the actions that I took to put myself in this position. Not only does this show that the rules are the rules, I get that, But it also has made me reflect on how much your actions truly can affect the things around you. I hope I can be given a second chance to show you guys that is not who I am. Thank you

This ban is not eligible for review until 05-13-18.