Denied - Malik's Ban Appeal

  1. Malik
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  4. Vile, 3 Years, 7:30PM EST, NAK Zeus (originally I heard from Wave it was gonna be perm ban.)
  5. I believe this should be a lower sentence, as I do not have to tell or show my age on the internet. Second the main reason why this happened is that I was showing a little immaturity due to a mission yesterday where we were behind a truck taking cover from shots across the road. I was shot, then John popped out and got shot by the AI. Then all of a sudden Cody decides to shoot john, already dead, 5 times. When I got up I said to Cody “I saw what you did to john, I will keep this a secret.” Later John bleed out (or I remember), I said “John I wish I had a body bag to put you in” or something like that. Soon we had another engagement down the road, I was shot by the AI. Then Cody put a couple bullets in me, same with H.Lewis when he got shot too. I heard from Pickle after the mission that John said he tea bagged him, but it might have been Cody.

Now the reason I got banned was the part I said to Cody about John. Now I know John is not liked by many people on the server. But it was just a few words. I do believe I do show Maturity, just not that particular day. I do not ask for an unban Immediately, but at least a smaller sentence for maybe a Week to a Month, were I would learn my lesson. To Shut up and report things. I can promise this won’t happen again. If it does, pls happily ban me from all of NAK. Their is not many good servers out their for Arma 3 like this one, and I still want 1 chance. Pls give me that one chance (Right now I am waiting for john to get on to apologize)

Denied. unfortunately for you, you have told many people your age, and it is obvious by your maturity level that the NAK Community is not the right place for you.

You are welcome to appeal in a year, you may be more mature then.

Sounds reasonable. I guess I should have not been here in the first place. But we will see in a year