Denied - ksnwashburn ban Appeal

  1. ksnwashburn
  2. Steam Community :: Jerry
  3. Global- Underage
  4. Claws01 8pm EST 7-8-17 Global
  5. This is my second ban appeal. This happened over 6 months ago. Over this time I took the time to reflect and mature. I realized what I did was wrong. In my first ban appeal I acted like a demanding brat and it was immature and wrong. I have hit the age of 16 since then and have understood that cussing is just a immature and not cool. I guess I am sorry how I acted and how immature and stupid I was.

Prior ban appeal can be located using the following link:

I’m going to go ahead and step in and reply to the ban appeal. Normally the appeal would be handled by the admin that created the ban, Claws in this case, but some of your comments from your first ban appeal need to be addressed.

First the age issue. There is no way for us to tell how old someone is by their voice and we are not going to have everyone send in IDs. When we ban someone for being under age it is because in the admins opinion their maturity level is under that of a 16 year old. In you case I’m convinced that you were underage at the time (see last point).

Second is the hacking issue. You cleared that up by admitting to breaking the server rules and using a restricted mod that spawned vehicles, which by our definition is hacking, but not before making disparaging comments about Claws. This hacking violation alone is grounds for a permanent ban.

Third, excessive cursing. We try to let players play the game and have fun without placing superfluous restrictions on them, but because we require all pilots to be in TeamSpeak and do not allow players to mute their speakers in that channel, we do impose bans on players that curse constantly.

Next, your comments in your ban appeal “but the in game ban was nothing more than immaturity posed by a owner” again show your lack of maturity. At no point did an Admin attack you personally. We stated facts in regard to your actions. I am extremely offended when you attack an individual that spends huge amounts of time and thousands of dollars a year, to provide a service to the community for free. The fact that you would slander this person because you feel entitled really pisses me off.

Lastly, I do not know if I can believe anything you say. In your initial ban appeal you state “I am 16 A person told you and I posted my birth date.”, but in this ban appeal you state " I have hit the age of 16 since then". You also sate in this appeal “I guess I am sorry how I acted”. If you are not sure whether you are sorry and you are just writing what you think we want to hear, please don’t waste our time.

At this point I am not convinced that you accept responsibility for your actions. Personally I’m more upset by your comments, about admins in general and Claws specifically, in your initial ban appeal than the initial reason for the ban.

I am denying your appeal, and unless in the future you can somehow show that you are truly sorry, not only for you initial actions, but for your comments in your initial ban appeal, I am going to recommend that your ban never be lifted.