Denied - ksnwashburn - Ban Appeal

  1. ksnwashburn
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  3. Ingame - Underage Teamspeak - No reason specified (Was for repeated cursing)
  4. Claws01 8pm EST 7-8-17
  5. So I was cursing on TS like when I got killed by a grenade I screamed “God fucking dammit I became LT. Dan” Things like this. I was given 4 warnings before being permed. I then received a nice In-game ban for “Underage” I was never asked my age so there is no reason for the ban ( Was born 7-2-2001 ) I will be honest I have a higher pitched voice and do sound young. There is also the fact that I should have only recieved a day ban from TS for the cursing not perm.

“RULE #3) No excessive use of profanity, indecent; obscene; lewd language.
First offense: Warning
Second offense: Kick
Third offense: 1 day ban
Please watch your language. This is a public server. We understand that we play an age restricted game, but we choose not to hear this type of language in our community. If you tend to curse, mute yourself, and refrain from typing in chat.”

The problem is that I have been told by another admin that as long as I don’t say any homophobic or racist term I would be good. The worst I truly said was “Fuck” and it was multiple times but a day ban would fix the issue. This is my first ban from the servers and it is very extensive for a ban. I am a reasonable person and if you wanted me to stop it would be a kick. like to be done with a second offence so the rules were skipped in the situation.

Underage …

What proof of that?

I know washburn for a really long time I even know where he lives. That is really his birth day.

“What proof of that?” u just answer your own question

I am 16 A person told you and I posted my birth date.

And u also try to hack the server

In what way shape or form?

How did I hack the server. If you have no reason to keep me banned just unban me. You can make accusations all day but these untruthful lies need to stop. As a respectable owner like yourself put these untruthful accusation against a player of your community. If you can make up a reason like hacking then what is to say that you have banned not other people that challenge your authority for something different. I did one thing wrong and it was excessive cursing I never hacked.

-1 unban

07/08/2017 5:24 PM
Player ksnwashburn was kicked (CreateVehicle Restriction #14)


This was a mistake on my part. I loaded in a weapon pack from a life server that granted vehicle spawning in arsenal. Defconnations life pack was this. I only used it to see the weapons for the life server. If I had known it spawned vehicles I would have never used it. I did go back and take it off from the weapon packs I used. That was the only other kick I have ever received.

since you received 4 warnings for cursing in TS, you where kind of let off the hook but since you continued to us curse words you got perm banned

Don’t get me wrong yes I should have got it in four warnings. The simple problem is the steps to dealing with this was never followed. To write the rules and Procedures and then not follow them is hypocrisy. I should only have a 24 hour ban from teamspeak but the in game ban was nothing more than immaturity posed by a owner who should be held to a higher in his actions. At this point I would be happy with a week ban from TS and in game.

First, understand the the NAK servers are not run as a democracy, it is a benevolent dictatorship, and as such the Admin will enforce rules for the benefit of the community, but the Admin ultimately decides what is fair. Second you are misunderstanding the rules as written. Each time you cursed was an offence, therefore the Admin was being kind by only giving warnings, for each offence, but the continued violation could not be tolerated. You received 4 written warnings therefore you broke our rules a minimum a 5 times (i.e. 5 offences) and most likely more than that. Please refer to the rules: “The level of punishment is at the discretion of the Admin, and will be based on the severity of the action”, “Continued violation of any rules may be met with a permanent ban.” and finally “This page does not cover all the rules; only the basic ones. If an Admin finds an unfitting behavior he will moderate it accordingly.” You received a permanent do to continued violation of a rule. Lastly, after reviewing the server logs and comments from other Admins, you have contributed nothing positive to the NAK community, yet you feel that you are entitled to play on our servers and that you can dictate how we administer the server. Your ban appeal is denied. You may attempt appeal the ban again in 6 months.