Denied - Joltiwolfe

1. Exact in game name. .Jolti, Joltiwolfe
2. Player Steam profile copy here Steam Community :: Error
3. Screenshot, or word by word ban message given upon entering. Racism?
4. Name of admin, and approximate time of ban and the server you were banned from. Pretty sure Vile, ban from teamspeak conversation, perma, about 6 months ago
5. Explanation, notes, etc. I used to be a daily player who would transport people as well as do CAS support. One day I got attacked by an admin for whatever reason, and came into teamspeak to discuss the issue with him. I admit that I must have not been being very nice that day towards him because of the consistent derogatory statements towards me. I got into teamspeak and we argued a LOT, and it ended up with me getting a ban for racism. I am German so I am not sure what that means in this case.

I understand that this ban has been permanent, but because of my previous status of never having any issues with anyone or any previous warnings or even any bans, I thought that I would try to appeal this case in case I could come back on one of my oldest and favorite servers. I have also not been banned on any servers before in my 2900 hours of arma… Not sure what this is.
Thanks for reading.

Our definition of racism is using any derogatory term directed at any race. To put it simply, any racial slur. In your case you used what is often referred to in the United States as the “N-word”. The first rule on both our Arma server and TeamSpeak server is NO Racism and the punishment for the first offense is a permanent ban.

There is never any reason to use racial slurs and it will not be tolerated within the NAK Community. I am sorry that you feel that you “got attacked by an admin” but based on your experience with us and are experience with you, it is probably best if we just part ways.

The permanent ban will stay.

i Appreciate your response. Thank you.

Have a good day, from Germany we wish you a very good life and also a very good time with this server!