Denied for now- nak command appication

nak command applycation


1 STEAM Steam Community :: Error

2 age + 18 yes = 27

3 100+ hour on nak server mostly on altis

4 600h on arma 3

5 recomendation from existing admin “NCG”

6 Id like to help on the moderation. Help on applying rules of server. help new player fit in the nak servers. use my leadership that i have but still at a raw state that will be polish over time. help player have a memorable and enjoyable time times on any nak servers.

7 Im a foreman on a large comapny with 16 employee to manage

8 pretty much every day afther work

9 make sure that all player respect nak rules allow then to enjoy there time in here

since its december 24th 2017 merry christmas to all nak members


Ban on record just over 3 months old. Generally we will not consider a user for an admin position when they have a ban on file. Due to the specifics of this ban, I will support the Admin application once another 90 days has passed. 6 months total on the ban.