Denied - Donothan_Duck - Ban Appeal

  1. Exact in game name. (Yes, we will know if you attempted to change your name, all aliases are bound to your steam account, so give us all of your aliases) Alex Davis, Donothan Duck, Donothan Dank (all should work)

  2. Player Steam profile Steam Community :: Error (76561198211134371)

  3. Screenshot, or word by word ban message given upon entering. Screenshot - 3a5c59a3c23c65d0817eebb010b223b1 - Gyazo

  4. Name of admin, and approximate time of ban and the server you were banned from. WATCHDOG Perm

  5. Explanation, notes, etc. I was playing on the server a few weeks ago using mods. I was kicked for a few reasons by battleye a few hours apart 3 times. I didn’t play on the server for about 2 weeks due to a family vacation. I came back and was greeted with a ban message. All of the mods that I had at the time were as follows, A3L, A3PL, ArmaLifeRP_A3L, CBA_A3, Exile, flay_hangglider_v04b, Lakeside,, nopixel, Stable 3rd Person Helicopter Camera, task_force_radio, USAF, Vindicate, ASR AI3, B61 Nuclear Bomb, Blastcore Edited (standalone version), Community Base Addons v3.4.1, Esseker, IFA#_AIO_LITE, JSRS SOUNDMOD, PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battle Royale, ShackTac User Interface, Simple Single Person Cheat Menu, Specialist Military Arms (SMA) Version 2.7.1, Personal Arsenal, all of the LAGO mods, all CUP mods and all RHS mods. (not all mods were loaded) The 2 mods i thought it could be were flay_hangglider_v04b or Personal Arsenal. I know now that both of those mods are banned but I do not know if I was using one of them. If I was I am sorry.

thats the second time , i told u if u try to hack the server again, dont even bother to do a ban appeal .
03/15/2017 12:15 AM to 05/19/2017 1:50 PM - hk claws01 5M