Denied - Davis Ban Appeal

  1. Exact in game name: Davis
  2. Steam Community :: Jahcouix™
  3. Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  4. I don’t know, Banned Indefinitely, NAK Squad I&A Altis
  5. Honestly, the only reason I have for my unban is that I do not plan to TK or grief anymore. At the time I was being stupid and not caring about the rules. I really did enjoy the server a lot whenever I played. It was a great place to experience casual Arma fun with good teamplay. This server network stands out from the rest, it’s relatively lag free and friendly.

If this was your first or maybe second ban I might reconsider, but this is your 4th ban on our servers, by four separate Admins, and this last ban you did more than just team kill.

I do not think that the NAK community is the correct place for you. I hope you are able to find a community that is a better match for your style of play.

It has been a while now and I think it really wouldn’t hurt much to unban me. Why would I go through all this trouble to tk for a few minutes?

The last 3 bans took place within a 4 day period of time. That does not speak well for ones character and future potential on our servers.

I know I was stupid and did dumb things in a short period of time. I am just trying to show that I really wish to be unbanned so I can play the server again. I was not thinking about how the NAK servers are some of the most fun on arma. I really want another chance to play them again. I feel it would be fair to unban me and perma ban me again if I do anything that breaks the rules ever again.

At this point, the ban will remain in effect. You may submit a new ban appeal on or after 12-20-18 for consideration if you are still interested. There are no guarantees the decision will change, however, that is the earliest date for re-consideration. Thank you for maintaining your composure in this thread.