Denied - COL.Rchunk Admin Application

  1. Steam Community :: Nick
  2. 18
  3. 217
  4. 1,162
  5. Claws01
  6. To help make the server a more enjoyable and fun place. In addition to help prevent grievers from ruining other players gameplay while on Nak servers.
  7. Team leader on A d4 Paintball team (D4 is 3 away from pro) As well as being captain of my Junior League baseball team and prescient grades in school as well as being in gifted (Advanced).
    8.3-5 Days a week.
  8. I believe that being an ADMIN on Nak servers and TeamSpeak to make a more enjoyable community on the Nak servers. In Addition to helping the community I feel that my duty as an Admin is to handle any situation with professionalism and make sure to ensure a safe and friendly environment to every and all players who join this server no matter what their race, ethnic group, or age.

-1 Sorry I would have to deny your application, for a comment you made on the server the other day, 08/20/2017 2:45 PM
IM an elite
08/20/2017 2:45 PM
and admin
Claiming to be a NAK admin is a permanent ban from the servers. Next time you will be banned.

You also have a 3 day ban from 05/21/17.

i would like to see you around. Time zones can make it hard for us to meet but i will keep an eye out

Hey Rchunk, I believe you said on TS you are only 14?

Rchunk reading your admin app you say that your 18 on question #2, but i’m reading question #7 and if i’m correct since your 18 wouldn’t you been in a senior team not junior?

This application is denied