Denied - Christopher (aka Donald Trump) - Banned from TS3 for "TK" permanently after being told that i'm annoying

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Steam Community :: Error

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Said “Oh I didn’t mean to load without enhanced movement” in TS3, immediately (within 2 seconds) got moved to lobby with VileAce, told that the entire server was complaining to him about me giving a “play-by-play” and then I said “I don’t mean to be a problem,
but can I at least see a prntscrn or something about it? I’m not saying your wrong though (meaning wrong about the complaints not the play-by-play which never happened)”, to which he responded “I don’t need you on my server” and then I was permanently banned for “TK”. Proof that I’m not teamkilling? Check the last time I even joined the server, I was in the process of loading the game.

You we banned because you were annoying the players in the pilots channel to the point where two players complained. The reason was an error on my part it was carried over from a previous ban, that has been corrected. The official reason is griefing. This is not your first complaint for similar things in fact your were banned for the same thing in TS just 7 days ago.

You were not moved within 2 seconds of connecting, below is when you connected, when I received the complaints and when you were banned. Complaints are taken anonymously so I am removing the players names. One of the players thanked me for banning you from the server.

<00:00:35> Channel group “Guest” was assigned to “Christopher” by “”.
<00:00:54> “*******”: Christopher is being annoying noone can hear over is constant talking
<00:01:45> “" pokes you: The user Christopher in the Altis pilot channel is mic/soundboard spamming
<00:03:06> “Christopher” was moved from channel “Altis Pilots#1 (No speaker mute allowed)” to "Help Room 1 (Poke a NAK Cmd
<00:04:16> Client banned: “Christopher”
<00:04:40> "
” pokes you: Thank you (:

When I brought you into the private channel so I could talk with you, you began questioning if I actually got any complains, you wanted a copy of them. At that point I told you that this server is not a democracy and that I would enforce the rules as needed. While we were talking I was reviewing your previous bans, kicks, and comments from other admins. At which point I decided that a permanent ban was appropriate in your case.

The pilots on the server are required to be there and you were making it so that it was unbearable. The fact that you were banned a week ago for a similar offense and the other comments in your record leave me to believe that the NAK servers are better off without you. - your appeal is denied, though you are free to appeal again in 6 months.

Are you serious? You’re just going to ban me for soundboarding when I never even soundboarded just because you don’t feel like dealing with the complaints? How can you even be sure if it happened based on someone’s word in the first place?

I have every right to question you when I’m being brought into another channel and banned for something I didn’t do. And no, I don’t believe I was banned 7 days ago from Teamspeak mostly because I wasn’t even on Naksquad 7 days ago to begin with.

Plus, I dare you to explain how I griefed if I hadn’t even connected to the server yet.

Also, by judging the ban appeal against a ban that you made, you’re voiding the entire purpose of ban appeals. That’s completely unfair.

Heres a little tip: Tell me to stop talking a lot if that’s the case and maybe that’ll work out better than permanently banning players without warning. You’re so worried about player population but you’re permanently removing players for the littlest shit. You say you’re enforcing the rules as needed but how can you justify a permanent ban for what sounds like a mildly annoyed player who hasn’t even correctly identified who’s annoying them in the first place. You did not even mention anything about a soundboard when you brought me into the other channel, you said that I was talking a lot.

If I linked this thread to anybody else I’m almost positive they would ask me if this is a joke.

Christopher, the last time you forced me out of Altis one Pilots because you provoked another user (Home) to break the rules, kept on singing even after being asked several times to stop by me and rolla, and eventually were kicked only for a day for griefing as you were baiting friendlies into TK’ing.

Basically, LBJ was way too nice for you.

Two days ago you were again singing and being a general nuisance to everyone in teamspeak, and only would shut up after I told you to 6+ times. I was not one of the guys who called in the complaints but I can totally understand them.

So yes you were asked to shut up two seperate occassions, and both times you failed. Soundboarding? Yeah but mostly I can recall you blowing into your microphone.

Appealing to a ban usually means you either: 1 can provide new insights or 2 have reflected on your actions and see where you went wrong. I don’t think you should appeal to just “see evidence and scream at an admin if you feel it’s unfair”.

And yes this is a joke, regarding to your mindset. Arma 3 is a military simulation game in which people try to cooperate and coordinate with teammates to achieve a victory, wether it’s Vs AI or other players. There is no room for people that just want to be a hassle towards other players, those get removed to stimulate a positive environment, and you know, attract new members.