Denied - Casey - Ban Appeals

  1. Casey
    2.Steam Community :: TunnelRat
    3.trolling, sexual harassment
    4.unknow who Permanent ban
  2. This was does over an year ago or so. What I did then was immure and just rude I was young then now am older I have want to say sorry for an while but cant I love playing your severs and am an Nak member. So what am saying is am sorry for what I did and yeah.

could you please find out who the admin that banned you.

Any admin interested in reviewing the ban search BkQOGx_yl on the ban page.
Ban created 10/21/2016 3:55 PM
Trolling/Toxic Behavior/Sexual Harassment-PERM-nw

I am reluctant to remove the ban, first the ban is only a little over 6 months old, second the comments in the ban recommend never lifting the ban.
Although it is not solely up to me to remove the ban, I would like to talk to you on our TeamSpeak server, before I would consider giving my recommendation to lift the ban.
You can join our TeamSpeak server at, feel free to poke me, I am almost always online.


Sexual Harassment is too strong to be forgiven
my opinion

At this point, based on my own opinions and Sarah’s (niely’s) comments. I am going to deny this appeal. I have made a notation in your record indicating this appeal, and the fact that it was denied, but I included and that another appeal could be considered again in 6 months. So if you’re still interested in coming back to NAK servers, please feel free to appeal again in November.