Denied - Bear - Ban Appeal


You were kicked off the game(Battleeye:admin kick ([Rule 3] Banned for perm-expires perm, Perm remaining, Entere))
I dont know whcich admin banned me but it was around 2 am pst on December 30 i think
What happened was when the server reset that morning the AO was right next to the aircraft carrier and there were multiple anti air weapons and no pilots could take off from the carrier. There were also 2 shikras firing on the carrier and in one of their strafes it had damaged the bobcat. After the AA’s were destroyed people were saying the bobcat was damaged and if anyone one could destroy it and i said i could. I then said to stay clear of the carrier and so i could bomb the bobcat, and other pilots were saying to others to stay clear of the carrier so i could bomb the bobcat, but some people didnt listen and as i dropped 2 GBUs to destroy it people were still spawning on the carrier even after multiple people had said to stay off, so i ended up TKing multiple people. Now i do believe a ban is in order i just dont believe i should get a perm ban because i have helped the nak community become a better community by helping new pilots and reporting other TKers and even telling admins when other pilots haven’t been in TS. Like i previously said i do believe a ban is in order just not a perm one.


May i ask why you denied it? I feel as though a explanation is in order

Really , how many player on Ts told u to stop , u will be perm ban and u start laughing because u didn’t know i was an admin. i even told u in game STOP and u laughed again . Then drop the bomb on us . For that we thank you ./.