Denied - banned for name - crazy***11

1] previous name “crazyjap11” current “phil”
2]Steam Community :: crazyjap11
3]you were kicked off the game. [battleye: admin kick (banned rule #13 for perm - expires perm. entered by rollacanda))
4] rollacanda may 27 1am ish
5] was kicked off without any warning and when admin: rollacanda spoke to me after kicked off, he came off a bit rude and i wasn’t having a good day so i did snap at him a bit. but if he just told me “my name needs to be changed because of the server rules” i would’ve understood and changed it no problem but the way he confronted me about the issue wasn’t very friendly he could have approached the issue differently. also when i use “crazyjap11” for most of my gaming ID (my cultural background is Japanese that’s why i picked the name) and have no issues with the name anywhere else so i didn’t think it was a problem.

I’m going to reply, but Rollacanda is welcome to respond as well.

First you were given warning. Second Rollacanda is one of our most calm and reasonable admins, even if he came off a bit rude, telling him to F off and calling him a F-ing f@gg@t is never acceptable. From my point of view, I do not support unbanning you.

okay i did not call him any names first of all, i did say f off to him i will admit that and i apologize for that. but like i said i wasn’t having a really good day and when he banned me with no warning before hand and got really annoyed and then getting told i’m banned because the name is racist and offensive just pushed me over the edge, he may have been giving me a warning but when your angry/annoyed people tend to filter things out from the opponent, i may have done that and didn’t think he was giving me a warning and said what i said, hope you can kind of understand my perspective.

yes, i was in the wrong and i’m sorry but if he just came and talked to me about the issue before the ban hammer, the outcome of my action would’ve been different.
i don’t expect a second chance at this point by the looks of it but i would strongly advise that next time a ban hammer is gonna/needs to drop, talk to the users before the ban hammer because this same issue might happen again, talk to the players before you piss them off because they might be unaware that their names are offensive. unless they are trolling or ruining the game.

You were banned for the cursing not the name. I would not expect someone to give you a warning not to curse at an admin or anyone for that matter. The rules were presented to you when you connect to the server, if you choose not to read then there is nothing I can do.

he specifically said i was banned for my name nothing about cursing

Your name itself was banned, meaning the profile name could no longer be used. If you would’ve changed your profile name, you would have been able to access the server. Once you cursed at the admin you were banned for that which made the first issue no longer relevant.

The main issue is, you cursed at the admin and called him extremely inappropriate names. in our community we take this very seriously. At this point I can see we are not going to agree. Unless you have additional details, this issue is closed, your appeal is denied.