Denied - Banned For Age

  1. Exact in game name. (Yes, we will know if you attempted to change your name, all aliases are bound to your steam account, so give us all of your aliases): Ferret
  2. Player Steam profile copy here (ex:Steam Community :: Error)
  3. Screenshot, or word for word the ban message given upon entering. Banned for 1 year Rule #12
  4. Name of the admin, and approximate time of ban and the server you were banned from. aelgalden banned me from Altis around 2pm GMT
  5. Any explanation or justification. Reason the ban should be lifted. I love playing on the server, and I may be new and all but I love arma and have such a good time on the server so far. I am currently 15 and a few months and I have discussed with Rollacanda, he told me just to make a ban appeal. I hope you will unban me but if you don’t iI have had a great time playing on the server. Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

To justify the ban I have given you was for the non topical talking that was happening upsetting other players which I talked to them about how rude they were being to you also just to note for your sake, but also the age requirement is a issue for the main reason of this ban. If you like you may reapply for the ban in 3 months time if you may wish too.

Just to clarify, I admit at one point I did talk non-topically yet they didn’t ask me to stop although they didn’t like me talking. As it showed up on my ban it said 1y which I presume is 1 year. I think that it is quite strange that 10 year olds could be playing and don’t mention their age yet aren’t banned. I was questioned about my age by other members that were in the call. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been banned or mentioned my age. I think the ban is slightly unfair so that is why I am appealing it. If any high command could get back to me, that’d be great, thanks.

Spoke to Ferret in TS after poke poked and messaged me 7 times in under 2 min, while I was AFK. Explained to him that that behavior is an example of his immaturity, and that he could appeal the ban in 6 months.

For the record, when you were in the Teamspeak Altis channel before the ban was given, no one asked about your age. You said it yourself, then Aelgalden pulled you to another channel. I, Crater, David, and Shrimp were in the Altis channel when this happened. You were also talking excessively in the Altis channel.