Denied - Ban Appeal - Matthew

I believe that I was banned unjustly. Allow me to explain the times I got kicked…

  1. I shot a dude after he teamkilled then I got kicked
  2. I shot an AA tank that appeared to be teamkilling, but I was wrong. When I tried to explain myself, I got kicked
  3. I intentionally teamkilled out of anger and frustration of being unjustly kicked and was then kicked

I really like Arma and NAK severs and wouldn’t TK maliciously. Please consider my appeal. I hope to be able to enjoy the NAK Coop severs once again



In-game Name: Matthew
Steam: Steam Community :: AltoSalamander1
Ban message: You were kicked off the game. (BattlEye: Admin Kick (Rule #3 banned for Perm - expires Perm by VileAce))
Admin Name and time: time unknown(it was about a month ago; admin: VileAce, server: all NAK coop and possibly others

You admit to intentionally TK’ing, 3 separate times. Each time you admit to doing it to retaliate or out of anger. If you would read our rules at no time is intentionally team killing allowed. If a player team kills you the correct response is to report it to an admin, if an admin is not online, which lately is very rare, then file a misconduct report.

I believe the the ban is just according to our rules. We normally allow players, who have bans such as yours, to appeal in 90 days. Your ban was entered on 7/20, therefore you can appeal again on 10/20/17. I am very concerned that you do not believe that it is malicious to TK in order to retaliate or out of anger.

I don’t think I explained the incidents very thoroughly, so there may have been some confusion.

  1. I TK-ed to STOP the other guy from continuing, and I fully intended to report and vote-kick, but I was kicked instead
  2. Perfectly valid reason, AA tank was not destroyed or even damaged(I shot its treads with 7.62 to no effect)
  3. I understand what I did was wrong and I promise not to do it again

Please accept my appeal

You explained perfectly clear, each of those actions is a violation of our rules.

  1. I TK-ed to STOP the other guy from continuing… This is still against our rules.
    2 Perfectly valid reason, (On our server there is no perfectly valid reason for any player to be shooting at friendlies))AA tank was not destroyed or even damaged(I shot its treads with 7.62 to no effect) (It does not matter that it had no effect)
    I would have hoped that you would have read our rules, at least before appealing your ban. Now might be as good a time as any: The decision stands. I’m even more concerned now, after my last reply, you still think it is allowed on our server to TK to stop a guy, or to shot at friendlies as long as you only shot at the treads.