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  1. Rollacanda. G on 14.4.2018 22:38 UTC+3
  2. The ban was changed from 7 day ban to permanent one. I think we agreed on 7 day ban but now it suddenly changed to
    permanent one without warning ? At least explain the reason behind this because it’s quite confusing. Also i think we agreed on
    that i could hang out on ts3 until my ban is lifted in 7 days (6 days from posting this )

Your ban was extended to permanent by me so I will address your appeal.
First before entering the ban, both Rollacanda and I tried to talk to you in TS and we received no reply. Second your spamming of the Chat on the home page is not acceptable, above the chat it specifically says :“We can not promise a quick replay, but we will do our best. …Ban Appeals and Server Feedback should be posted in the forums.”
Lastly to address your ban, it was made permanent because, you first visited our server on 3/09/18 and in that time you have accrued 5 bans prior to the one I made permanent. It is rare that we allow anyone to accrue even 3 bans before making it permanent. Your presence on NAK has been a constant drain on resources. I can not justify committing any more resources to you.

Man could you even consider lowering the ban to something like 1-2 months. Isn’t permanent a bit harsh ? Also did you ban me from chat in the front page ?

At this point the ban is going to stay, as I said in the email to you you can appeal again in 6 months.

The 5 other bans and the verbal warnings from myself and other admins should have been the clue that a permanent ban was going to be our next step. I myself warned you that your next ban was going to be permanent, and that was after your 3rd ban.

You are permanently ban from the chat on the homepage due to multiple spam violations.