Denied - Ban Appeal for Evan (76561198298175180)

#1. Evan
#2. Steam Community :: Evan
#3. Rule #4/5 Griefing/Harassment, Perm
#4. No clue, no clue, Nak #1|I&A|Atlas
#5. No clue what I did. I haven’t played Arma in a while, so I just tried to join the only server that was favorited. If I had to guess, I probably killed some dude a bunch of times after he killed me a bunch of times.

With the information I have available to me the decision was made for the perm ban by two senior admins for the reason of unambiguous griefing/trolling.

I am not going to lift the ban because I do not make permanent bans lightly and the same conclusion was reached by another senior staff member.