Denied - Ban Appeal DomZ_26 Perm Ban

My buddies and I had just completed a mission and were waiting for the next mission to come up. We were screwing around shooting in the air and I accidentally shot a helicopter. The helicopter decided to shoot back at us and that’s when I shot the pilot and got permanently banned for Team Killing. It wasn’t intentional that I was shooting at the helicopter but I didn’t appreciate being shot back at either and I think there was a huge misunderstanding on why I got Perm Banned.

2.Steam Community :: TryHardBean
3.Banned on Sep. 31 around 11:00PM, I don’t recall the Admin at the time
4.Explanation is above

You were not banned for shooting at the helicopter or TK, you were banned for racism. We do not in practice reverse bans for racism.

I’d like to know when I said any racism and what I said if any. If I was banned for racism how come I got banned immediately after team killing someone and with no warning.

2:30 AM (Group) DomZ_26 TYPE IT OUT NIGGER - The timing was just coincidence. This issue is closed.