Confirmed Medical Procedure

A unit will be unconscious and will stay unconscious until it is either woken up or the revive timer runs out.
A unit in the revive state can’t die from any source of damage, only the timer reaching 0 can kill it.
Each successful CPR will increase the time the unit can stay in the revive state.

To treat a patient
Treat all of his wounds. (bandages)
If you are alone do 1 round of CPR, if you have someone else get them to do CPR continuously.
Give blood until no indication of needing more. (do 1 round of CPR after each 1000ml of blood if CPR is not being done continuously by someone else)
Stop CPR
Give morphine, if patient is in pain.
Use epinephrine (if patient is not conscious).

Recommended medical supplies for standard player. (Medic should take at least 3 X)
15 × Bandage (Basic)
5 × Morphine Autoinjector
3 × Epinephrine Autoinjector
3 x 500ml Blood

Or take x30 if rollaconda in your squad :-p section 2.

but to be honest I never understood why you give someone a pain killer though, cuz it lowers the heart rate… I always just bandaged, blood, epi, then let the person give themself a pain killer after getting up. (that method hasnt failed me yet)

I spent about 2 hours trying to find out why players die or do not revive when we seem to do everything correctly. So I did testing and research.

I originally believed the same thing you did. I believed that the recommended procedure was to wait until the player was conscious to give pain killer. Using information from the same source you referenced and the Git Hub discussion for ACE, heart rate and blood pressure are not used in the health calculation with basic medical, which we use. Furthermore they recommend the procedure I outlined in the first post.

I did not take their word for it, I went back and spent another hour or so, trying their outlined steps to see if any of the patients would die during treatment or would not revive. Following these exact steps I was able to revive a downed patient 100% of the time.

Being Nitpicky here: I would advice to alter the list: 5 more bandages, 5 more morphine and less 500 ML blood (instead take 1 litre bags). You only want to bring 500ml blood if you cannot carry 1 litre. You get a warning for “having lost a lot of blood” from I think about 1 litre+. Aside from that, adding 1x 500ml or 1x litre takes about the same time. On bigger scale as a medic, removing 10x250ml bags allows you to take 4x1litre bags, which is netto a profit of 6x250ml bags.

Closing TIP: it may take some time fighting towards a downed teammate. If you are uncertain how long they have been downed, you might want to start with CPR, which gives you a set " safe timezone" in which you can work on your patient (I think its 2 minutes, but im not sure on that).

Revive time is 3:00

lost a lot of blood message is triggered at 1000ml or more
lost some blood is 0 - 1000ml

My only concern with recommending players to carry more morphine and blood is, I do not want to encourage a rifleman to become a medic.

I know right now we have it set so anyone can medic, but the goal is to move to a more realistic medical implementation where players can bandage and use morephone, but blood and epis will require a medic. Players should use their supplies to heal themselves, and to stabilize their buddy, anything else and they should be calling a medic.

It is also key, when transfusing blood, after the blood completely in the patient (the progress bar is complete), to open the medical menu and wait until “Receiving IV” ( will count down from the total size of the IV) is complete before adding more blood .