Combat Medic - How to be a successful Combat Medic

How to be a Successful Combat Medic
Welcome fellow combat medics, and everyone else interested in this topic. I wanted to create this post to help those aspiring to be a better combat medic on the field. I’ll be adding to this main post as others add valuable information and as I learn more. This post will be broken down into categories each with detailed information on the why and how to be a successful medic. So lets get this started.

On The Field Awareness
Note: This is an important skill to have, while it’s not as easy to have immediate results like creating the perfect load out or keeping proper formation while running MilSim. It should be something that you need to continually work on to increase your success as a combat medic and the overall success as a player.

Why: Being aware of your surroundings, the location of players and enemies is significant to your success and the success of the whole unit. I’ve been guilty of seeing a fallen player, running into revive them without being aware of what I was getting into. Even though it was a heroic act, most times I end up face first on the ground next to the wounded player, wounded as well. This created a larger void in my unit, and decreased the chances of a successful mission. Keep in mind most servers grant the combat medic with decreased reviving time. Now with two members of the unit down, the team has to work harder to fend off advancing enemy, move to my location and revive me and the other wounded player without succumbing to the same tragic end. To eliminate this problem you’ll ask yourself three questions.

How: There are three key questions you should ask yourself while on the field to increase your awareness.

1st - What is the location of the enemy? This will also include. What is the location of the enemy in relation to the wounded player?
2nd - Does the area provide cover? Can cover be made either by smoke or support from another member of the unit?
3rd - What is the best path of travel to get to the wounded player?

1st Question
The first portion of the question is critical at all times and to every player while on the field. Though the second portion will be more important to a combat medic when a player is wounded. It is important to the unit as a whole that you keep your “head on a swivel” locating the enemy before fire is exchanged or anyone is injured. Once a player has fallen, knowing the enemy location will speed up the process and allow you to revive them sooner. If you cannot visually see the enemy, open your map and mark their location with (Shift + Left mouse button). This will give you a marker on your screen with the direction they are and how far away. If you cannot visually see them, and they don’t show up on the map this is a point where you should look for cover and wait till the enemy is spotted as well as staying aware of your surroundings. When you know the location of the enemy you can move on to the next question.

2nd Question
Cover is critical for every player, more so when a combat medic is reviving a player. During the reviving period a combat medic is most vulnerable to enemy fire. Knowing the location of the enemy and how to use the cover provided will decrease the chance of you becoming injured as well or forcing you to return fire interrupting the process of reviving a player. Using the crouch and prone stance does help, though in my experience prone can be a pain to find the proper location to receive the prompt to revive a player.

When cover isn’t available it can be made, either by smoke or support from other members of the unit. Take note smoke grenades is extremely important to carry second to Med/First Aid kits. But I’ll get into that later with the load out portion of the post. Using a grenade launcher with smoke grenades or simply throwing smoke grenades, will allow you to create cover in an area that has none. On your free time, practice using smoke grenades as well as a grenade launcher with smoke grenades. They can be tricky and I’ve been known to toss several because the first, second, third, okay okay fourth didn’t manage to lay proper cover. The only down fall I’ve seen using smoke for cover is on occasion especially when playing against other players, random shots will be taken in the direction of the smoke. So take care to stay low while using it smoke as cover.

3rd Question
The last question will have different answers based off the area, situation and your team. But you’ll want to keep this in mind before advancing to the wounded player. Most times a straight shot to the wounded player isn’t advisable. Most servers give you plenty of time to revive a player before they are dead. Even when they are bleeding out you’ll have sometime. So with that in mind, if there is a safer indirect way that removes you from enemy sight or the main portion of the fire fight you’ll want to travel this path. But I’m going to give you once important note that you should keep in mind. Then enemy will at times try to flank you, so staying aware of your surroundings plays while in moving to a wounded player is important, as well as informing the unit of your movement. It’s terrible to move around to get to a wounded player to get shot down because someone thought you where an enemy flanking. So remember to inform your unit or wait for your unit lead to let you know when it is safe to move in.

Now I’m sure your thinking how am I suppose to ask myself all these questions in a short amount of time. Most of this will come second nature when you practice and when you repetitively go through the questions. It takes some time, but it keeps you aware of whats going on around you and less tunnel vision on the next wounded player. Instead of a knee jerk reaction that might end up you in the same situation that the player you need to revive is in. You can tactically think out your plan and efficiently perform those duties.

Load Out
Note:This isn’t the ultimate load out, and by no means should it be the only load out you use. But it does have some important components that you should keep in mind while creating your load out.

Main Weapon
I can guarantee you that someone will tell you different and most times it really comes down to preference. I prefer to use a medium ranged weapon with grenade launchers capabilities. I use the SMA mod and I really like the ACR Remington. It’s light weight, powerful and can have the G.L. option. I then add a scope/red dot combo.

Weight is important because you want to be as quick as possible. A medium sized weapon allows you to have range plus speed without the need for extra clips because you have to take extra shots at the enemy to down them. I like to carry between 5-10 magazines depending the length of the mission. I’ve yet to use them all.

Side Arm
None, sorry I feel its a waste of space for the ammo and weight of the weapon.

Uniform,Vest and Pack
Uniform - I personally like to pick a uniform that has a little bit of room to hold a few magazines. Your uniform choice might be dictated on what your mission is.

Vest - I think the vest is quite important to the load out for a combat medic. I prefer to have something that will protect me, plus give me some room to hold all of my smoke grenades and the rest of the magazines. I use the US Platecarrier(from the USSCOM mod) Light has lots of protection and gives you plenty of room for carrier smoke grenades.

Pack - This one can be tricky, you need to balance weight and speed so getting a massive pack isn’t useful and something small won’t give you the room for all the First/Med Kits you’ll need. I like to use the Fastpack(from a mod) is about the right size could use a little more room, but its not bad.

Magazines, smoke grenades, med kits and first aid kits

Magazines: 5-10 depending on the mission
Smoke grenades: 8-12 hand and 6-10 launcher (this is a work in progress, at the moment I find I run out but its partly due to my lack in skill to get them in the correct location)
Med kit: 1 (there are some servers that require a med kit to heal and revive plus it is infinite)
First aid kits: 12 (A FAK is used up after each use, plus they only heal up to 70%)

I’m sorry but to break down all the other stuff, it won’t do you or me any good. Basically it will change based off your mission and what is required and what isn’t allowed. I do recommend GPS, MAP and Compass unless you can’t bring that. Those three things will enable you to be more successful while on the field and help with your awareness.

Formation, or position in a squad
Pretty straight forward, in the back. This doesn’t mean you’ll be sitting around waiting for someone to become injured, because the back of a formation is just as important and the front and sides. You’ll want to be constantly watching for flanking enemy, and wounded players. Some types of formations will have you in different places, but its never in the front. You’ll always want to stay close to the unit, so you can offer support and receive support. Usually the rear is the safest location, and to be a combat medic that is wounded first. Doesn’t set a good tone for the rest of the mission.

This is by no mean a complete guide, and I recommend coming back as it get revised, added to, and updated. I greatly appreciate any information that can contribute to this post. If its a load out or techniques everything is extremely helpful. Thanks for reading and good luck out there.

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