Closed - Woodrow Mahoney - Ban Appeal

  1. Woodrow Mahoney
  2. Steam Community :: Error
  4. claws01, Nak #1 (Atlis), and sometime around 9:00 PM maybe EST. Don’t know which day but within last weekend.
  5. Banned for saying ‘nigga’ in direct comm (text) to a nearby teammate asking for help as I was injured, and was autokicked then banned upon rejoining. I meant that in a light-hearted sense and didn’t intend to use it as a derogatory term, and sorry if I offended anyone by doing so.

Hello, I was the squad member in reference to what this user has posted. My name in-game at the time was Guayo.

If I am allowed to give my two cents, the guy didn’t state this in any sorta harmful or derogatory manner, at the moment our group had been joshing and being playfully insulting in a casual manner, it just so happened that he typed out the aforementioned word.

Not sure if this helps, but I wanted to give my word on how no-one in the squad was offended or harmed by the use of the word, as it was used in a non-insulting/non-offensive manner.

I have to ban you because I don’t like when player try to bypass the bot .

Bypass the bot? Was rejoining after an autokick bypassing it somehow? Sorry, I don’t understand.
I figured the autokick was more of a warning as “don’t do it again”, so I rejoined under the pretense that I was let off with a strike.

So u wrote nigga and u got kick then u try nibba or some , to see if u can get catch by the bot . Do you remember or do you want me to paste your chat logs here

IIRC I was saying ‘nibba’ before I got kicked for saying nigga (correct me if wrong). I thought nigga might have been too far and offensive to say, so I instead said ‘nibba’ to affirm it more as a joking and casual thing instead of a borderline racist remark. I did not intend to bypass the bot by saying this, as I believed that, for the bot, saying nigga is too offensive while saying nibba was not.

ok dont really care if u use nigga , but if i catch try to bypass nak bot u will be ban .
ban removed