Closed - Winchester - Ban Appeal

In-game Name: Winchester
Other Known Alias: SGT. Winchester [ANPR], REXX98, REXX98_EXTREME, XeonLife, LittleSycko
Steam Profile Link: Steam Community :: Ligma_Alls
Ban Message: “Battleye: Admin Kick (SHAME YOU TRY TO HACK GOOD BYE)”
Estimate Time of Ban: Unknown
Banned by: Unknown
Date Banned: Unknown

Explanation: I recently spoke to Admin Richter [NAK] about my situation. I was playing with my squad on another Invade & Annex server using different client-side mods such as, “Outlaw-Magrepack, Virtual Arsenal, MCC, JSRS” which were allowed on the server, we had left due to the fact there were not many players online. We decided to join another server at which point I found the [NAK] Altis server and attempted to join. I’m unsure exactly the reason for my ban from the server, however I don’t know if the possibility of forgetting having these Addons enabled could have anything to do with the reason I was added to the blacklist. I mainly play under two different player profiles on my computer with different control schemes under both REXX98_EXTREME & Winchester. I’m hoping we can come to some sort of resolution, I do enjoy my evenings playing along side other players in Invade & Annex / Domination. As there are not many populated servers at all, I don’t really get the chance to often play with other players as no other game modes interest me. If you need me to connect to the TS3, please feel free to contact me or even contact me via cellular at (909) 705-5846.

Thank you for your time.
~Winchester [ANPR]

Hate when a old player like you do some dumb s h i like that and come lie about the mod u used
you try to hack using the mod call proving ground so dont try to tell me u use mcc or other stuff also

Alrighty, I didn’t expect you to come back at me with such a vague response. I came here to have a civil discussion to figure out why I was banned in the first place. I don’t remember what exactly I had enacted on the server as I have used a multitude of add-ons over the time I’ve owned the game, but I don’t see that as a justification for you to give me a response in such an attacking manor. If I have had such add-ons enabled when I did join then it was surely by mistake as I use them to test my missions I create for my squad as a form of de-bugging. Now I didn’t come here to win an argument at all, I just wanted to know the reason why I was banned. Like I said I don’t remember what I used exactly, as I’m consistently trying new community add-ons which do not go against what Battelle prohibits. Hope I wasn’t such a bother to you just because I was trying to have a simple discussion. Next time try not to come across that to other members in the community, doesn’t leave such a great impression.

Hopefully we can come to some sort of agreement, even if that means a strict moderation joining the server and a perminate removal if there were such another problem to arise in the future. I’m just putting my cards on the table.

I don’t get it, because i know proving ground. the only way to use proving ground is to press esc and click on the proving ground menu in green on top of the exit menu . so maybe you thought, u still inside your server that way i get it but what u telling, me make feel like you think i am a foul, i feel it , you gotten bored of all of these domination servers so u try to add some spice inside mine , you welcome ./.
01/21/2017 3:15 AM
Player REXX [ABN*] was kicked (Script Restriction #4) by an unknown admin
Memmer u memmer :mrgreen:
also ban removed , so please if u try to hack again u will get catch again and please dont do ban appeal this time

Likewise, I will assure to double check joining the server without any add-ons enabled. Thank you for your kind gesture.