Closed - TheRaider2434 - Ban Appeal

Vile, as you have requested, I am written up a ban appeal. So here goes.

Today, I have been banned for 3 days of team killing. Yes, I have been team killing and yes it’s against the rule. But the thing is, I stopped team killing when I was told to by Crater. I had asked why when it was with people I know and he said because it’s in the rules which I agreed to to. So I stopped. Few minutes to seconds pass. Will has accused me of killing him multiple times during that time period. Both my squad leader (Chris) and I had said this was false and that Will was no where near the premises of where I was shooting my friends. This had lead to my ban and it confuses me as to why I was still banned. Please could you set a rule where falsely accusing someone of doing something against the rules should lead to a ban.

You were not banned for what Will said, you were banned for the Team killing that showed in the chat history. I do not ban a player just because another player says so. The logs clearly showed that you had team killed, then you clearly admit to the killing yourself.

8:19 AM (Side) TheRaider2434 Don’t worry, we are in a discord chat and we are practicing out shooting skills
8:19 AM (Side) TheRaider2434 pls :frowning:
8:19 AM (Side) TheRaider2434 PLSSSSS
8:20 AM (Side) TheRaider2434 But what’s the problem tho?
8:20 AM (Side)TheRaider2434 Im only shooting people i kmow and not randoms

The timing of the ban and Wlls statement are only coincidental. It took me the time after your confirmed the TK’s to review the information and then type the ban.

We do have a rule against players false reporting, but in this case Will’s accusation had nothing to do with your ban.