Closed - Sauki - Ban Appeal - Hi, please read when you can

  1. compl
  2. Steam Community :: Wet Harmonica
  3. This was on the TS. <20:41:43> You are banned temporarily. Reason: “calling me a dick”
    Try again in 2d 23:12:11, This was for the game server of Malden COOP server. [Rule 10 13] 3ds remaining.
  4. Name of admin: vgerdj
  5. This all started once I joined the server. The same admin told me to join the TS to be a Drone Op. He told me with a very angry manner. I shrugged it off at first and join the TS. After I was kicked because I didn’t join but then I realized my name was different on the TS as he told me. So I fixed it. After he stormed into the channel and said “Dude unmute your fucking mute!” I did and asked what. After he was very aggressive to me and I said “Ok chill, but could you not be a dick about next time?”, After he was extremely pissed off and started to make a scene in the chat saying stuff like “That’s it you just got yourself A ban!” “Why the fuck would you call me a dick you asshole!?!?!” After be banned me from the TS with this as the reason “You are banned temporarily. Reason: “calling me a dick”
    Try again in 2d 23:12:11” I understand that calling him a dick wasn’t needed but he went way overboard with the situation. But over such a childish act was unnecessary. After I was banned from the Arma sever on the Malden map.
    So i’m asking for an appeal for this childish ban reason.

I will discuss this with the admin that issued the ban and get back to you.

Thank you.

player was messaged in game text 2x and voice 5x in group to get into TS. He was kicked for not getting in TS. He came back in and asked (typed) why he was kicked. I said not in TS, he said he was. I said I do not see compl in TS. He said his name was Sauki in TS and the game. I said it’s not Sauki in the game, it’s compl. I asked him to unmute Sauki in TS and he said his name in the game was Sauki, I said it wasn’t and this went back and forth a few times. he was getting quite offended until he realized that it was indeed compl in game and that he would change it. NO, hey sorry for being wrong, or oopppssss. So, the best apology he can muster is to call me a dick, because, you know, it’s always the admins fault when you don’t know what your character’s name is that you’re playing for the last 15-20 min. And do you really think calling an admin a dick and then saying that it was childish to ban you for verbal abuse, wins you ANY sympathy. I probably said ‘why the fuck would you call me a dick’; but I’m sure I didn’t call him an asshole.

Firstly. You didn’t ask me in chat via typing to tell me, you said something about the TS in game chat so I asked to you repeat in text chat and you came back with a snippy manner and said “Once again, I said you have to be in the TS to play as a UAV Op” I said ok I’ll join and from there after I joined over mistake with the name I did ask why then he explained, yes that’s all true. BUT Once you told me to unmute myself, you IMMEDEATLY started to yell at me about it and I said and I quote “Okay, okay, chill out please it’s just a mistake” After that I said “Please just don’t be a dick about it next time.” After you became extremely triggered and said “ME A DICK? THAT JUST GOT YOU A BAN BUD!!” Which after me and you started a back and worth while you made me baby fits and complaining over a common word on the internet. “WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU CALL ME A DICK ASSHOLE?!” Which then after you said I was banned.

And for the record just because I didn’t say “SORRY” doesn’t mean anything, I barely know you and from then like every other human on earth things after meeting someone for the first time spaces them out for being such a jackass over a insult that wasn’t even hurtful to 98% of adults over 20 on a game we play for fun.

You acted so immature from that and I’d rather not talk to you.
However I am a forgiving person and I’m sure if we both played after a while we could see each other as friends but that’s all on you.
I think this whole thing is childish and we are both in the wrong.

I have spoken to vgerdj, about how the situation was handled, and we agree that it could have been handled better, but I will not let anyone curse at an admin for doing his unpaid/volunteer job. We have many processes in place, that if you felt that vgerdj was not treating you fairly , you could have followed. You chose not to follow our rules or processes so the ban will stand.

Please if you choose to return to our servers take a minute to read our rules and