Closed - Sargdoof - Ban Appeal

  1. In-game name: Sargdoof
  2. Steam Community :: Cornholeius Maximus
  3. 1-day ban for intentional tk’ing.
  4. Not sure which admin, approx. 8p.m MT, on Naksquad’s #1 and #2 Invade and Annex servers.
  5. Got banned after two incidents occurred:
    A. I killed some dude that was driving around the base in an AA vehicle running people over. I feel I was justified. It was legitimate self-defense.
    B. I blew up the ATC tower about two minutes before a server restart. Wouldn’t have normally done it but lots of people screw around before a server restart, don’t they?

You can not TK for any reason on the server. If someone is driving around the base running people over, the proper solution is to report it by typing Admin " the players name" and the rule they are breaking in the game chat. We do not allow self defense or retaliation on the server.

As for blowing up the ATC tower even when the server is about to restart is considered griefing and harassment.

You should consider yourself lucky the the ban was not longer.

The 1-day ban will stand as is.