Closed - Ruffy - Ban Appeal

  1. Ruffy
  2. Steam Community :: Error
    "You were kicked off the game. (BattlEye: Admin kick (Using restricted weapons banned for 1d - expires 01/19/2018 10:1))
  4. Unknown admin name, 1/18/18, ~10pm EST, Malden
  5. Banned for restricted weapons usage, ~10min prior automatically kicked for attempting to select a minigun in arsenal. Then later banned when in AO while using the SRS Bulldog, and a modded ATGM Titan launcher.

This is less of a ban appeal and more of a “which weap got me banned”, so I wont make the mistake of using them again.

I don’t mind waiting the 1d for the ban to be lifted, but I am not sure what got me banned in the first place. As I was previously automatically kicked many times (without ban) for attempting to select miniguns/restricted weaps, and have been using the SRS Bulldog + modded ATGM Titan launcher combo for many days.

You may want to review the Mods list here and search for the word “mini”. There are 3 listings on that page under the Restricted heading:

I understand that miniguns are restricted and not usable.
As we automatically get kicked the moment we select it in Arsenal.

Is that the reason for the 1D ban?

If so then I wont have any worries in the future as selecting the minigun was a lapse after saying “oooh, i see a minigun, but i’m probably gonna get kicked”.

The reason for the one day ban is that you specifically stated that you knew that it was not allowed and you tried to use it anyway. “i see a minigun as selectable… prob gonna get kicked”. Your actions are the behavior of someone trying to bypass our script protection, which we often consider hacking. The one day ban served as a very stern warning that continuing to try to bypass our script restrictions would be met with a permanent ban.

I see, thank you.

Now I can continue playing in peace knowing it was my immaturity that triggered the ban, instead of my normal setup.

I was mainly worried because I thought the servers would automatically ban me if I select any restricted weapons, which would have alot as a few “normal” guns like the barrett and a few rifles somehow triggers a BattleEye “extended magazine” kick.

Very stern warning received, won’t ever attempt to equip a minigun in the arsenal now that its explicitly stated in the allowable/restricted mods.