Closed - Riley - Ban appeal


Ignore player request, moving players assets previously 7 day ban
VileAce 8:30 pm MST NAK #1

There isn’t an excuse for what I did, I went to bring a UGV into the AO and the UAV pilot told me not to, and I didn’t think much of it as I wasn’t sure if he was serious and I don’t know why he wouldn’t want the UGV in the AO. He promptly shot my Hellcat down, when I re spawned I went to check fixed wings and the UAV pilot approached me and in direct chat verbally berated me calling me a "f"ing moron and other insults and out of anger instead of reporting it to the admin which I wish I had done, I took a heli and continued to take the UGV into the AO which is why VileAce issued the ban.

I understand why I was banned and I agree there should be repercussions for my actions, however I am making this appeal to ask to have my ban taken down from permanent to something less. I have had a lot of fun playing on NAK and interacting with people on the TS. I certainly will be much more responsible in the future as this is server is where I have had the most fun on Arma thus far and I do not want to risk getting banned again.

I agree with your statement 100%. The only reason that you received a permanent ban was that you had a previous 7 day ban on record. I appreciate the fact that you are taking responsibility for your actions. I am reducing your ban to 7 days, but this will be the last time. Any future actions that requires enforcement, will be met with a permanent ban. As a side note I did punish the player that cursed at you.


Thanks I will see you then.