Closed - Redneck Rider Ban Appeal

  1. Exact in game name: Redneck Rider

  2. Player Steam profile copy here: Steam Community :: A Burnt Neck

  3. Screenshot, or word by word ban message given upon entering:

  4. claws01, Estimating between 7pm and 9pm 12th of August, 2017, Malden and I’m guessing Altis too.

  5. While I am unsure what "Bad Robot’ means, I can reasonably guess it might have to due to my constant kicks over the last week (Or Two) due to the restrictions as of late. I’ve been spending the last few days testing my mods on the servers (Malden and Altis) to figure out what was setting off Restriction #46 and #48. I was told several times that it was most likely ‘A Mod’ but nothing clearer then that, leaving me to Trail and Error my way through. I can understand that massive amounts of connections and disconnections to the server would look suspicious, and if I had given it more thought, I should have contacted an actual admin to work out with them what was causing my constant kicks.

I finally did find out what was kicking me ( or thought I did, still not 100% sure of that) and today (The 12th) managed to get onto both servers. The kicks didn’t end, with me still getting a #13 and a few POS kicks. Again, I wasn’t so sure what was causing this, so I went back to testing my mods with the trail and error method.

I apologize for the behavior displayed here, and my lack of thought when it came to doing this prior to telling the proper people (Admins). I do enjoy these servers and I would rather like to continue playing on them…once I figure out what mods are causing my current problems.

If it means anything to anyone, Redneck is 99% of the time a top notch player and I know I’m not the only one who hopes to see this guy in the server.

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I second what AKYukonGoats said. I was there when Redneck would get kicked Restriction SETPOS. After he removed a few mods we were able to play for a little while then he would randomly get kicked again. I know it would be a never ending battle seeing that there 100’s if not 1000’s of mods, but maybe the list could be updated and maybe the kick could reference the mod that is the issue, not sure if that’s even possible. It seems though the trial and error with mods can be a problem and does result in a ban(from what I’ve seen from past ban appeals).

Redneck Rider you did contact me about a week ago in regard to this issue and I did inform you that it was related to a mod, and I referred you to our approved list. I also informed you that Claws would be able to help you isolate the mod causing the issue. I wish you would have contacted Claws for more direct assistance.

Only the mods listed on the approved mod list ( ) are explicitly allowed. Any other mods are judged on a individual basis. The way that “script restrictions” work, it is not based on individual mods (we do not ban mods by name, etc) so we can not create a specific list of what is banned, but we have included ones that we are targeting. Most script restrictions ban a feature of a mod and that restriction or feature may be used by more than one mod. For example we may have a script restriction that prevents a modded backpack from carrying a high capacity, so we ban the ability to have a high capacity not the mod. That feature may be used in multiple mods. New mods come out daily so this is the only practical way for us to create restrictions.

Most players do not have the issues Redneck Rider was having, most players are not banned for a single script restriction or other restriction. I know that Redneck Ride has tried to help me identify mods that might need to be banned from the servers so some of the kicks may be related to that, but he was kicked over 65 times in the last 30 days and had more then 10 different restrictions. Speaking for myself, the restriction that most worries me is (SetPos Count Restriction). This restriction is triggered when a player is trying to move more than 10 items at one time on the server. Whatever mod that you were using to do this is listed in our banned list as *Anything with global scripts i.e invisibility, god mode, teleportation, noclipping, or anything along the lines off possible unfair advantages.

This is for other players having similar issues. Remove all mods other than those listed on our approved mod list then you can add other mods back one at a time until you are kicked. Doing that will isolate the mod causing the issue. When you attempt to go the other way and see what mods you can get away with, it looks to Admins as if you are trying to bypass our restrictions.

ban removed and next time you trigger my antihack , u will ban from the servers , site and ts :slight_smile: