Closed - PV2 T.O'Brien[10thMD] - admin misconduct

Offender’s Name:Medimen
Description of the offense:ban appeal
Server misconduct occurred on: invade and annex.
Approximate time and date the offence occured: about 3am central time invade and annex.
Were there admins online? If yes which ones?not sure if in the server but did get one in ts
Screenshot, recording or other evidence (if available*)

ban appeals our for the parties involved to appeal and discuss the issue and offense not to be shut out and told that the discussion is over

also i was punished for 3 different issues when i only broke 1 if you want punish me for a rule the only rule that could apply is rule 4 all i was trying to do is get the plane and taxi it to the run way so i could take off the guy kept ramming me and tk me and i got punished for it all why would i report it to a admin if I’m the one committing the act that’s just dumb that like robbing a store and then calling the cops and saying he refused to give you the money

i also asked a few questions just for my knowledge and was denied

make it noted i also asked multiple times if he would check the server logs so he would see that i was the one team killed

I have reviewed the ban and no misconduct, on the part of the admin, has occurred. In regard to your ban, we spoke to all the parties involved, reviewed your ban appeal, and spoke to other players that were on at the time of the issue. Everyones accounts of the situation are very similar except yours.

The ban appeal was closed and locked, because the appeal was addressed. I understand that you disagree with the resolution, but continuing to restate the same information is not going to change the situation.