Closed - Perma ban and harrassment (another verdj incident)

Reading through other bans, I found allot of inappropriate bans/actions on behalf of NAK by VERDJ. based on my recent interaction with him and support from the community on MY behalf of what happened, and under advisment of an admin, im filing a report against him. See ban appeal for further information:

report is for:

  1. Harassment: to wit, he harrassed me for having two (2) additional letters in my TS name than my ingame name. see CHRIS VS VERDJ In which the outcome was simular but easily recognizable names in ts and in game were acceptable. he also disregarded the outlined punishment for said offenses, failing to follow punishment guidelines for admins.

  2. personally attacking player. verdj was upset over the community backlash in ts, over harrassing me for the two additional letters above, he waited until foxx left the server then attacked me again over my ARMA 3 UNIT tag.

  3. verbally attacking a player in ts, witness foxx: upon chasing me into altis 1, and making contact with foxx, verdj yelled at me and repeatedly told me “fuck you” and possibly “peice of shit” before rage quitting the channel.

  4. admin abuse/unprofessional, and lacks maturity to have responsibility of in-game player management: multiple ban appeals, complaints and in game handling shows a repeating track record of time after time this admin takes it to the extreme, mishandles the situation, and inserts his feelings/opinions into managing player issues.

I have been an admin on life servers, and his actions are borderline narcissistic. he immediately jumps to perma ban using the “player argued with admin over punishment” rule. he asserts everything as his own will vs on behalf of nak and naks server rules, as I have witnessed other admins do very well with little interruption to game play.

this admin, although may be a friend to other admins, he is unfit for administrative duties, and the evidence is clear in the amount of overturned ban appeals and complaints.

Im NOT a 20 yr old kid, I’m an adult with a family, I am an 11 yr USMC combat vet, I’ll call a spade a spade when I see it and this admin can hurt the community if hes not trained and supervised properly.

I agree with BOOMHOWER on this one.
It sounds like verdj has a problem and is falsely attacking and/or harassing players. This is easily seen in many real life communities with police officers and other forms of law enforcement. They let the power get to their head and take it out on innocent people.
I believe this is unacceptable for the Nak community and that verdj should be diciplined and/or removed of his rank for a temporary time so he can think about the things he has done and learn from his mistakes.
The Nak community is awesome when it comes to playing on the servers and I think by having this negativity has a negative impact on everyone playing. Even the ones who are not being targeted. I would be an example of that, as I can no longer play with BOOMHOWER on Malden, a brand new map I was looking forward to playing on with him.

Artifact, this is not the place to state opinions. If you have facts related to the indecent being appealed, please feel free to post those.