Closed - Pat Omally - Ban Appeal

In game name: Pat Omally
Steam Profile link: Steam Community :: Rozzi20
Video of ban reason: Broke rule #2 and staff disrespect
Name of admin: VileAce time 1829 CST 09/17/2017
Explanation: I had only been playing with this community a couple of day and thought I understood the rules based off of the people I had been playing with and ended up being in the wrong (so very wrong). I thought it was unjust for me to receive my punishment for what I did but again I was in the wrong. I should’ve just said my part and give it some time for myself to cool down instead of working myself up. I now know to thoroughly read the rules before playing and I would like to give my sincerest apologies to VileAce for having to deal with my attitude at that moment and hope I can patch some burned bridges. I am not giving any excuses for what I did and hope you can see how a little frustrated I was but I should’ve not taken it in the direction it went. I look forward to be apart of this community again! Thank you for your time.

Very Sincerely,
Pat Omally

I do not believe that the duration of your ban, up until this point matches, matches the severity of your actions. I appreciate that you are apologizing for the events, but your actions were not acceptable and our only recourse as admins is to ban players. Based on the severity of your actions I feel that even a 3 month ban is not sufficient. I will however seriously reconsider repealing the ban in another 90 days. You may appeal your ban again on 3/22/18.