Closed - OP ammuntion in mod


Mod Name CUP_Weapons
Weapon- M590A1 (long)
Ammuntion- 8Rnd 12g Doomsday Buckshot

please provide link for those 2

Weapon- M590A1 (long)
Ammuntion- 8Rnd 12g Doomsday Buckshot

@Nova4DayZ, the doomsday rounds from RHS are banned, they’re explosive rounds that aren’t allowed on the server. You can use other rounds for the shotgun but the doomsday rounds are extremely powerful.

The ones i used were from the cup weapons mod but ill take note of that ok wont use anything like it anymore.

The M590A1 and doomsday rounds are part of the RHS US pack. CUP Weapons does not contain a mossberg M590A1 or “doomsday” rounds.

You are allowed to use shotguns. Using shotguns is fine provided you are using the correct type of ammunition. (Standard buckshot or slugs)

You are not allowed to use “Frag rounds” “Doomsday buckshot” or “Explosive shells” as they provide the player with an unfair advantage, destroy environments and can cause unintended team kills at a higher rate.

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