Closed - MaeN99 - Banned for another player wrong report

Hi everyone,

I was playing as a pilot on USS FREEDOM , when another pilot came and started bothering me to take my jet, he started reporting wrong reports of me such as friendly fire, team speak, , etc, then he stood in front of my jet when i was taking-off and he was killed by my plane , and so fast he reported me as a team killer and i got banned for 3 days .

Its really bothering that system or Admins believe every report written on chat, so if someone hates someone its enough to report him and he will be kicked (or banned) , I hope you solve this problem on future.

my user name was : MaeN99
steam ID : Steam Community :: kell-orten

server : NAK Malden #2
Date and time : on 21/12/2017 on 08:30 EST
I dont know the Admins :slight_smile: .

I hope you help me , and fix these problems on the server, thanks .

Hey MaeN99,

So the issue stems from your ban on the 12/19/2017 at 7:44pm EST. The fact is you killed a pilot on the carrier and you got the appropriate one day ban and that was served and all good.

This brings us to today. At 7:58pm you were reported for team killing and you were kicked as a result. In fact, you were reported for EXACTLY what you were banned for a day before, killing a pilot. There were no denials, no calls for admin hey I didn’t do that or anything but I still just kept it at a kick for a warning.

The next report I received was you were teamkilling and were not in teamspeak. Two reports for teamkilling is going to result in a temporary ban. Considering your previous offenses this was a three day ban.

Now going through everything I do see that you typed “you stepped infront of the plane” as the ban was either being written or submitted and I have determined this to be the case. As such I will be reducing the ban to a less than two day ban expiring 12/22/2017 5:00 PM EST. I will explain why in the next paragraph. I don’t care so much about not being in TeamSpeak as I only got out your first warning to get on TS. However, if you were in TS then the odds are this would not have happened as you would have had direct communication with Glenn.

I do not appreciate the fact that you are trying to pretend that you are completely innocent in all this. Nothing was typed into any chat indicating that you were being harassed by any players. The first report of you killing a pilot was done by a different player and was never disputed. You were being told to get into TeamSpeak to be a pilot and made no effort to do so or communicate that you were intending to. The evidence suggests that you think it is okay to intentionally kill pilots and are willing to take a one day ban and immediately do it again. That is why the ban was made as long as it was. It is being reduced because the creation of the ban was due to receiving two team kill reports and one of those being false. The ban’s intent is still the same.

I’m not trying to be mean or malicious, I am here to enforce the rules for the good of the server and the players and I truly believe that you need a little bit of time to read the rules and have the conviction to abide by them. Based on the number of infractions in your brief amount of time around NAK as well as your actions immediately following a ban, I believe more than one day is required. False reports will be looked into, don’t intentionally tk, and please if you have any issues then contact an admin.

hi ,
Thank you for your efforts , actually i need to explain 2 points:

The first is about teamspeak, teamspeak is forbidden in my country such as one from many other VOIP services, so i need a VPN to use teamspeak which (the VPN) will reduce my internet speed, so i can’t use teamspeak, but this doesn’t mean that i intend to kill pilots or not to hear any messages on chat, and that guy reported me for team killing and for teamspeak after he stepped in-front of the jet.
You said you didn’t find any harassment in the chat and this is true, because he didn’t wrote anything , he was trying to take the jet before me and i was waiting there before him, so when i took the jet and crashed into him he reported me .

2nd thing is about the day before, the day before i didn’t kill any one, i just pressed the RESPAWN button in the ESCAPE menu and when i died it banned me for teamkilling ( and i swear i don’t know why ) .

I wish you to know that i’m not making myself an innocent angel, but for sure i didn’t and i do not intend to ruin any player’s game, by killing him or by any other way, and i’m not telling this to reduce the ban time, it’s a game after all , but to help you to better understand the situation.

thnx again .

Again, you still must abide by the server rules:
RULE #11) All pilots, UAV operator, and ATC must be on the NAK SQUAD TeamSpeak server (excluding NAK Elite). No pilot may be AFK.
Any other slot does not require TeamSpeak. There are no exceptions to the rules.

I will not have a discussion on the previous ban with the exception of saying I was present and had sufficient evidence for a ban for an intentional team kill of another player. Water under the bridge now.

Please come back and have fun within the server rules. I always look forward to players having a different play style after they have had a break from the server and several people have made mistakes and are now amazing players and extremely fun to play with.

End of Discussion.

I am sorry to hear that you’re unable to use TeamSpeak in your country without using a VPN, but unfortunately the rules indicate that all pilots must be on TeamSpeak, therefore if you’re unable to use TeamSpeak you will not be able to pilot on our servers.

You’re welcome to play any of the other positions that do not require the use of TeamSpeak