Closed: Jreb(The_Q) Admin abuse

do you let kids run as admins… your admin service are unacceptable… I was banned for shooting some kid in csat gear… and then I told the admin to grow up and I get a one month ban for breaking the rules… what rules playing arma and not wanting to deal with children administrators… in ban my account and grow up…

also ban me from your team speak for not agreeing with your ban… how childish you gonna play this


As you have already logged about 12 hours on our servers, you should be well versed in the rules we operate under. Intentionally killing another player could be viewed as a server violation. Accidents do happen and this may have been one. Sometimes ones actions after the incident help decide which is the best way to handle the situation. As our servers allow different uniforms to be worn, it is each player’s responsibility to determine whether a target is friend or foe prior to pulling the trigger. You are accountable for the damage you cause.

Ban duration: We obviously have a system in place for players to dispute administrative actions against them, as you have demonstrated here. If you wished to contest some aspect of your ban, you could have done so in the Ban Appeals section. Upon review, your ban could have been upheld, reduced or removed. A lot depends on the infraction and how one represents them self in the ban appeal.

Telling an admin to “grow up” is not acceptable and by allowing that demeanor to remain on our servers will not be tolerated. There are places like these forums to express your concerns. Flaming the quick chat on the website is also not an acceptable way to handle this type of situation.

Finally, we do not take demands from players and your demand that your ban be removed and then following that up with telling our administration to “grow up” again is not a mature way to handle things. In fact it is what you are accusing the administration of doing; being childish.

Without knowing the details of the original ban, but based on how you have represented yourself since that time, I would be more inclined to support the original action of the admin who banned you. If and when you have a change of heart and wish to rework your concerns in a mature and productive manner, those concerns may be addressed differently.

I’m just going to post a brief reply since this is a misconduct report and not a ban appeal. Full ban notes can be found under his ban with simplified activity log.

I really thought I would and wanted to do an unban and just be done. Instead of an apology I was immediately met with I want to put in a misconduct report against the altis admin. I told him I was the person who banned him so I’ll have to be the one to deal with him.

You are still missing the point even after I spent minutes with you trying to explain that the kick meant nothing (I even reworded the kick to say watch your fire, use the map to try and help you). You come back in after the ban and flood the chat box with:

  • Jreb 9:00 your administration is sht, ban people for shooting people in csat grow up
    c0p0ut 9:10@Jreb: (AKA The_Q): If you have a concern with the server and/or its administration you are welcome to fill out either a Ban Appeal or a Misconduct Report for review.
    Jreb 9:12ban me from the ts… this is BS. tell your admin to grow up
    Jreb 9:12and I did
    Jreb 9:13people try to enjoy a fkn game
    G0lden 9:44Keep it to the forum please. Your post will be reviewed by staff and responses/decisions posted.
    Jreb 9:51what ever you say kid

You have only further proven that I was correct in my ban decision. In-game actions have the lowest repercussions (such as team killing) as evidenced by server rules #1, #2, #10, #12, #13.

NOT ONCE did you apologize for any of your actions or for your demeanor. We talked for a while and I cannot believe that in all that time you spent insulting me that you couldn’t fit a few words of remorse in. I would’ve taken half a sentence implying you won’t behave like that in the future but there wasn’t even a word.

You are disrespectful and clearly toxic and I will stand by my decision that you should be barred from all NAK servers and everything affiliated with NAK indefinitely.

your admins are disrespectful your the toxic people… grow up. and grow a pair

I did say sorry to the “two” people I shot… and I did give a valid reason why they where shot… never para drop into a hot LZ… never leave your group area we are supporting… when one kid splits off of a group and lone wolfs in an area we are shooting into… people… die… just like real life… the wrong kit gets you killed… lastly If I disagree your ban and you ban me from team speak grow up… telling you that isn’t against the rules its the truth, its a fkn game and people enjoy playing… and I team killed the least in your server two team kills in an hour. if i went out of my way to shot my team for shit and giggles yes action should be taken… but b/c some baby started crying that he was team killed you went out of your way to kick me from the server… I find your actions toxic. so I’m waiting for an apology since I’m not in the wrong.

Jreb(The_Q): It is apparent that we do not see eye-to-eye on this issue. Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns about our servers and administration.

This matter is considered closed.