Closed - jericho - Ban Appeal

In game name: Jericho
Steam profile: Steam Community :: cataclysm1
Ban message: "You were kicked off the game. (BattlEye: Admin Kick (mass TKs and still fired at friendlies (perm ) Fox))
Admin/Ban time/server: Fox/20:50, 6/6/17/[NAK]| Nak #1|I & A| Atlis
Explanation: I fully get why I was banned. This was the first time I played a mass server in Arma, and it was extremely hard for me to pick out the AI from players. Prior to this the only experience I had with multi-player was with a small group of friends on a private server. The reason I didn’t check the logs to see if I was team killing was that it’s a whole new system for me and when I played with friends we knew where everyone was, and it was a small group and no one got shot. I know that admins have to ban people to keep the community on their server clean and fun but i never meant to troll people and make their experience bad its was jut my pure incompetence and not knowing who was friendly and who was a enemy. I don’t event fully expect this explanation to even lift my ban, but hopefully it will allow me to at least one day play on the server again because you guys have a fantastic gaming community that I haven’t ever seen in other servers i saw today, and just understand I’m just a new player trying to find a community to grow into and have fun with.

maybe try the campaign or showcases. but a lot of friendlies and even the owner of the servers (claws) told you to stop in side. So i will lift your ban but only to 4 days and hopefully you have learned what is friendly and what isn’t. But the reason i gave you a perm was because you shot at me and a group of friendlies near me that where standing next to a heli that needed repairs in the AO.

There are many players on the server that will be more than willing to help you get acquainted with the server and share tips on how to identify friendlies. Once your ban has been lifted send a message is side chat, asking for help. If you do not get a response send a message with “Admin” in the message and an admin will help you become a better team player.