Closed - Im Blind - 7 Day TKing Ban

Dear Nak Admins,

I was just playing on the Nak #1 Invade and Annex server, when I was banned for team killing. I was playing at the main objective with a player by the name “UncleDolan,” when I was banned. I do not know this player, but he can attest that at the moment of me being banned and minutes before, I had not team killed a teammate. The reason for me being banned, given to me by one of the Nak admins on the server was from “Digger 2-1 Actual” saying, “Admin- Im blind has repeatedly TKed me and others at the side mission.” This player is lying, and I hope this issue can be resolved soon.

Im Blind

First this is not the correct format or location for a ban appeal. You already spoke to me and I sent you the proper link Second I already informed you that I have a screenshot of the chat showing that you TK’ed, so the player is not lying.

For any further action you must submit the ban appeal in the correct location and the correct format, as indicated in our discussion.

Appeal was moved to the correct location. Now it just needs to be completed using the template provided.